A few ancients for the chat room





This appears to be an AE Follis of Licinius I (308-328), similiar to
the ones shown here
http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/ric/licinius_I/t.html from Heraclea.

Pictures to the left are from yesterday – and brightened a bit – haven’t figured out how to take great digital photos of coins yet.  Picture to the right is when I got it from Lee – oldmancoins.  Silver graces coming through.

Inscripton on the obverse reads IMPCVALLICINLICINIUS**AUG; reverse reads:  **IOVICONSERVAT*****G with the mint mark just showing.



The coin above came from Bob Leonard – boomaloha – via the UK.  I believe it is a coin similar to this one:


Gallienus AE Ant "Cute Doe" Gallienus AD 253-268 AE Antoninianus

"Magic talisman calling on protection of Diana" Obv: IMP GALLIENVS AVG -

Radiate head right Rev: DIANAE CONS AVG - Doe stag walking left, head

turned right (Bambi like) Exe: (epsilon) Rome mint AD 267-268 = RIC Vi,

176K, page 146 - Cohen 155 Comment: One of Gallienus' last issues.


Mine reads, however, on the Obv:  GALLI** and on the Rev:  CONSAUG with an X as the mint mark.



This one, also from Bob is completely unknown and not yet totally clean except for the obverse.  It is of a man facing looking at a woman who is facing the holder of the coin.  The Obv:  has a portrait on it, but that is only starting to come through the dirt – the person has a bit of a pug nose and is wearing the spiked crown.  The last three letters of the rev inscription appear to be MIL.