Here are a few of my favorite links.

As the introduction alluded to, I sometimes am in the shop, if my day job does not get in the way.  I am the City Attorney/Planner for the City of Forks.  You can learn more about our City, my colleagues, and the like by visiting our website.

For almost ten years, I have lead the Seattle Genealogical Society’s German Interest Group.  The following are links to information that can help you with your German genealogy.

·        An Introduction to German Genealogical Research is a lecture outline I have used for years when giving presentations on the subject.

·        Here are a few links associated with German Genealogy and other things I have enjoyed while I have pursued the hobby.

·        Finally, if you are searching for information on your German ancestor’s military history – you might enjoy this online article that was published a few years ago.

I also happen to be a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War – having started the first camp here in the State of Washington.  Here are a few Civil War related links.

·        For information on the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War you can visit the National website or visit our Camp’s website.

·        This is the site that I put together for the descendants of the 74th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry – in which my g-g-g grandfather served – August Funk. 

Here are a few links that are either links to my genealogical information or just interesting and worth the time spent searching them.

·       The Knechtel ChronikThis is chronicle of the Knechtel family from Steinschönau, Bohemia as written by our cousin Erich Knechtel and converted into a remarkable web document by his son Udo.  The link takes you to Udo’s index and the Chronik is therein.

·       My family page - Here is the link to my family information that I have posted to Family Treemakertm one of the premier genealogy programs on the market.  Some of the material needs to be updated, since I am always learning and adding more, but I think you will find the information interesting.

·       We like old standard gauge trains – and happen to own an Ives classic painstakingly restored by Joe Mania, if you want to see some of Ives’ classics, then you will love the Ives Train Society.

·       My work requires me to do a lot of political work with members of the State legislature who have an excellent web page that you might enjoy – even a section for kids.

·       Now if that didn’t get you excited, maybe you need to spend some time planning for your next big event – need a recipe from Germany, Scotland, Norway or the like?  Then you have to visit this site it is the ultimate recipe guide.