Visions of the Past


For the last two years, we have been putting together a calendar with old pictures from the West End of the Olympic Peninsula entitled “Visions of the Past”.


The 2003 calendars retail for $11.95, but they are reduced now to only $9.95 each.  2002 calendars with different images are now still available for $3.00 each. 


A sampling of the images:


Quillayute High School, Forks c. 1940



Section of 1000 year old log taken from Clallam Bay, c. 1920



Sappo Café c. 1960



Quillayute School, Forks, 1938

Courtesy of Christi Baron


Clallam Bay Stage at Sappho Hotel



Becker’s Ocean Resort, Kalaloch, c. 1935

Courtesy of Kyle Smith, Smith/Western, Inc.




Other Images Include:


Cable bridge over Quillayute River, Mora


Hotel Sol Duc Hot Springs, c. 1930


Soldiers on the right of way, Lake Crescent Road, c. 1927

A. Curtis


Gene Coats

Courtesy of Shari Windle


LaPoel Camp on Lake Crescent, c. 1930

Courtesy of Kyle Smith, Smith/Western, Inc.


First train of logs on dump at west side dock Goodyear Logging Company, Clallam Bay, September 13, 1915

  1. Wischmeyer, Seattle


Olympic Power Plant under construction, c. 1915




The images for the 2002 calendar are as follows:


3 Downtown Street Scene in Forks c. 1935

Ocean Beach Campgrounds, LaPush, c. 1920

Olympic Highway Images, c. 1930

Highway along Lake Crescent with wooden rails, c. 1940

Joe Wentworth & Jack Olson on springboards (cutting a huge tree) near Neah Bay, c. 1930

Sextas Ward and Nina Bright of LaPush, Quileute Tribe

Giant Fire Log at LaPoel on Lake Crescent, c. 1935

Olympic Hot Springs

Massive Elk Stampede in snow field near Olympic Hot Springs, Elwah, 1921

Early aerial view of Neah Bay