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After the unexpected addition of a third child in our lives last year, we decided to close the bookstore so that Cheri could stay home with the kids.So we are now exclusively on-line selling books, and collectibles that are specific to the West End of the Olympic Peninsula as well as a few other goodies.We are very sorry, but we are unable to order new books.You can certainly purchase any item you see here today, or check out our listings on ebay or half.com as well.


We specialize in the following areas:


v                 Pacific Northwest Books, Postcards, & Memorabilia

v                 Out of Print Books & Free Searches

v                 Antiques & Collectibles

v                 Olympic Peninsula Books, Postcards, Pictures & Memorabilia

v                 General used books for very reasonable prices



Enjoy visiting our online site.

Feel free to contact us for information, questions and the like.

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Tinkerís Tales & Antiques




Tinkerís Tales & Antiques

P.O. Box 446, Forks, Washington†† 98331




Last revised: 22 February 2003

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