Borrowed Relatives©

A unique greeting card line made in Forks, Washington.



What is a “Borrowed Relatives card?”


Years ago, it was a very special thing to have your photograph taken.  Many people would send the photograph attached to a card and embellish it in some way.



Our cards use the button card concept so popular years ago.  Each card features a black and white photograph – some nearly a hundred years old and others only a few decades old – that is then embellished with buttons which are hand-sewn onto the front of the greeting card.  Here are a few examples of what our cards look like.


Cheri’s version uses forgotten black and white photographs found at tag sales and from friends, vintage buttons and decorative papers.  These are a great way to add a little something special to any package or gift.  No two cards are ever same!  And each is crafted by hand.



Click on the quantity you want to order – and an email order can be placed with Cheri at the shop.  If you are wanting specific types of images, she may be able to work with you on filling that requirement.  She will confirm the request, work out payment options and get the cards out to you right away.


1 Card = $4.50 + postage

5 Cards = $21.50 postage paid