74th Pennsylvania Infantry


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My Ancestor –

August Funk - revised


Synopsis of the Regiment


History of the Regiment


74th Artwork - Casteel


J revised


Regimental Sutler


Regimental Restaurant «


2004 74thers Get Together «



Amusing and Odd  


Bibliography revised


Biographies of the Officers


Documents of the Regiment revised


Fairfax Hospital Registry of 74thers


Gary Casteel’s 74th Monument Replica order info


74th Graffiti


Grave Sites of 74th members in Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania


Monument Damaged

*      Monument Repaired and Reinstalled «


Occupations of the Enlisted Men


Battlefield Visits and Reports

*  Freeman’s Ford

*  2nd Bull Run

*  US Army Staff Ride description

*  Chancellorsville

*  V. Hartung’s OR

*    Gettysburg

*    Lt. Fischer’s Gettysburg Account «


Pictures General intro to include Tipton Monument picture, reunion ribbon, and monument stereoview

*  Schimmelfennig
Grave Site

*    Company D

*    Company I Roster «

*    Wassmuth GAR Canteen

*    Levin’s Gettysburg Pictures 

*  Memorial with Tree

*  Memorial – 1900

*  Pichel Memorial


Pictures of 74th Members

*  Maj. Gustav Schleiter’s Grave

*  Sgt. Vonmos

*  Cpl. Edward Grau  

*    Pvt Geo. W. Krug

*    Pvt Adrian Breitsch «


Prisoners of War


Reconstructed Muster List revised


Regimental Colors


Researchers & Descendants revised


Rifles of the Regiment


Rockets of Co. G

*     Part 1

*     Part 2 «


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Unsere Ahnen
(Our Ancestors)

w/ biographies revised