Descendants of Iohann Erichsen Fier/Saevig



Generation No. 1


1.  IOHANN ERICHSEN2 FIER/SAEVIG  (ERICH1) was born Abt. 1778 in Norway1.  He married KIERSTEN OLSDATTER 20 June 1805 in Saevik, Norway2. 



Fact 2: 1801, Census for Saevig/Saevig, Fosnaes, Trohndheim, Norway



2.              i. EILERT CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN3 FJAER, b. 25 November 1805, Saevik, Norway; d. 03 May 1868, Namsos, Norway.



Generation No. 2


2.  EILERT CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN3 FJAER (IOHANN ERICHSEN2 FIER/SAEVIG, ERICH1) was born 25 November 1805 in Saevik, Norway3, and died 03 May 1868 in Namsos, Norway.  He married (1) JOHANNE NIELSDATTER.  She was born Abt. 1801 in Norway, and died 02 August 1829 in Overhalla, Norway.  He married (2) HELENA NILSDATTER SELNES 10 October 1830 in Namsos, Norway4, daughter of NEILS SELNESS and ENGEBOR DANNIELSDATTER.  She was born 29 September 1805 in Saevik, Norway5.



Fact 2: 29 September 1805, Baptized - Saevik, Norway



                   i.   IVER CHRISTIAN4 EILERTSEN.



                        ii.  JOHANN4 EILERSTEN, b. Abt. 1830, Overhalla, Norway.

                        iii. INDIANNA EILERSDATTER, b. Abt. 1832, Overhalla, Norway.

3.                     iv. ELIAS EILERTSEN FJAER FLAK, b. 04 July 1839, Kaldal-Fjaer, Klingen, Norway; d. 22 April 1891, Flakk, Klingen, Norway.

                        v.  NECOLINE EILERTSEN, b. Abt. 1842.

                        vi. ELSE EILERTSEN, b. Abt. 1845.



Generation No. 3


3.  ELIAS EILERTSEN FJAER4 FLAK (EILERT CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN3 FJAER, IOHANN ERICHSEN2 FIER/SAEVIG, ERICH1) was born 04 July 1839 in Kaldal-Fjaer, Klingen, Norway6, and died 22 April 1891 in Flakk, Klingen, Norway7.  He married TALE ANNE RUDOLFSDOTTER STAVEN 03 May 1868 in Namsos, Norway8, daughter of RUDOLF STAVEN and ANNE FOSLIEN.  She was born 01 April 1845 in Fosslia, Beitstad, Norway9, and died 05 October 1922 in Bangsund.



Fact 2: 18 August 1839, Baptized at Saevik

Land Purchase: Abt. 1868, bought Flakk farm from Johansen family



Fact 2: Aft. 1897, lived on Bangsund, 3km from Flakk

Fact 3: 07 October 1860, Confirmation  in Beitstad10

Baptismal: 22 June 1845, Baptized in Beitstad


Children of ELIAS FLAK and TALE STAVEN are:


4.               i.  HAAKON ELIASSEN5 FLAK, b. 24 July 1868, Fjaer, Klingen, Norway; d. 09 April 1955, Flak, Klingen, Norway.

5.              ii.  ANNE REBEKKA FLAK, b. 12 May 1870, Flak, Klingen, Norway; d. 14 May 1958.

6.             iii.  JOHN EILERT FLAK, b. 01 May 1872, Flak, Klingen, Norway; d. 1971, Little Falls, Minnesota.

7.             iv.  OLE ANDREAS FLAK, b. 26 September 1876, Flak, Klingen, Norway; d. 11 December 1963, Stanwood, Skagit, Washington.



Generation No. 4


4.  HAAKON ELIASSEN5 FLAK (ELIAS EILERTSEN FJAER4, EILERT CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN3 FJAER, IOHANN ERICHSEN2 FIER/SAEVIG, ERICH1) was born 24 July 1868 in Fjaer, Klingen, Norway11, and died 09 April 1955 in Flak, Klingen, Norway.  He married (1) ELDORA LUND in Trondheim, Norway.  She was born 1894 in Trondheim, Norway, and died 1982.  He married (2) MARGARETE JOHANNESDATTER 1896, daughter of JOHANNES TORBERGSEN SELLAEG.  She was born 1873 in Nordli,,Norway, and died 17 October 1928.



          i.   ELIAS6 FLAK, b. 26 May 1896, Fjaer, Klingen, Norway11; d. 09 August 1980; m. SIGNE JOHANNE REITAN, 08 October 1927; b. 10 January 1907; d. 06 December 1992.

         ii.   HELGE FLAK, b. 23 September 1897, Flakk, Klingen, Norway; d. 26 May 1983, Namsos, Norway.


Notes for HELGE FLAK:

This is a description of Helge from Edith Flak Nordang's letter of August 1995

"I think that Helge must have been a real adventurer!!  He left Flakk and Norway in 1925.  He and his good friend Mr. Nersjan from Bangsund packed their suit-cases and traveled away too USA  First they worked on different ranches, and then Mr. Nersjan got married to a woman who owned a ranch.  Helge had many different jobs: as lumberman, as fur hunter, as gold digger, as musicer-accordion, and he lived together with the indians for 12 years while he was working on the railroad from east to west in U.S.A.  His last job was to lay on the floor cloth in peoples houses.  Then his relatives/family didn't get any letters from him, they didn't know if he was alive or not.  My old aunt - Margit Sten went to USA to find him, and she at least found him in a "old-people-house" in Canada-Edmunton - Margit took Helge with her to Norway in 1974, home to his brother Elias on Flakk farm.  I remember this sweet-funny-happy man, and he lived many years after he came back, he had been away for almost 50 years."


           iii.   AGNES JOHANNE FLAK, b. 1903, Flakk, Klingen, Norway; d. 1975, Verdal, Norway; m. ARNE A. VALSTAD.

           iv.   MARGIT FLAK, b. 13 December 1913, Flakk, Klingen, Norway; m. ROLF STEN.


5.  ANNE REBEKKA5 FLAK (ELIAS EILERTSEN FJAER4, EILERT CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN3 FJAER, IOHANN ERICHSEN2 FIER/SAEVIG, ERICH1) was born 12 May 1870 in Flak, Klingen, Norway, and died 14 May 1958.  She married SOREN CHELDRUP INGEBRIGTSEN SPILLUM.  He was born 1864 in Spillum, Norway.


Children of ANNE FLAK and SOREN SPILLUM are:

  i.   EINAR6 SPILLUM, b. 1892.

ii.   AGNES SPILLUM, b. 21 August 1894.

iii.  TORA SPILLUM, b. 1896.

iv.  INGRID SPILLUM, b. 1896.

v.   SVERRE SPILLUM, b. 1899.

vi.  RAGNILD SPILLUM, b. 1901.

vii. BIRGER SPILLUM, b. 1903.

viii. ASTRID SPILLUM, b. 1904.

ix.  DAGNY SPILLUM, b. 1907.

x.   OLAV SPILLUM, b. 1909.

xi.  SIGRID SPILLUM, b. 1911; m. -?- SAETHER.

xii. ANNA SPILLUM, b. 1911.

                 xiii.     TORLAUG SPILLUM, b. 1915.


6.  JOHN EILERT5 FLAK (ELIAS EILERTSEN FJAER4, EILERT CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN3 FJAER, IOHANN ERICHSEN2 FIER/SAEVIG, ERICH1) was born 01 May 1872 in Flak, Klingen, Norway, and died 1971 in Little Falls, Minnesota.  He married IGNA MARIE HALSETH 10 April 1897 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Children of JOHN FLAK and IGNA HALSETH are:

      i.   ELLEN6 FLACK, b. 02 September 1897, Little Falls, MN; d. 16 January 1900, Little Falls, MN.

     ii.   IRENE ELLEN FLACK, b. 13 November 1900, Little Falls, MN; d. 08 June 1950, Little Falls, MN; m. JOSEPH ECKMAN, 24 May 1947.

    iii.   ELISE MARIE FLACK, b. 21 February 1903, Little Falls, MN; m. J. PHILLIP MELBERG, 12 January 1924.

    iv.   ANNA MAGDALENA FLACK, b. 08 June 1907, Little Falls, MN; d. 12 June 1967, Minneapolis, Minnesota; m. JOHN DAVIS, 21 July 1950, Chicago, Il..

     v.   INGA JOHANNA FLACK, b. 04 May 1910, Little Falls, MN; m. ROBERT E. SMITH, 07 October 1939.

    vi.   ALICE BORGHILD FLACK, b. 07 March 1912, Little Falls, MN; d. 30 November 1972, Minneapolis, Minnesota; m. WALTER LUND, 29 March 1942.

   vii.   ALMA LORRAINE FLACK, b. 05 February 1918, Little Falls, MN; m. WILLARD JOSEPH BETLOCK, 24 August 1940, Rosemont, Minnesota; b. 1914; d. 1995.


7.  OLE ANDREAS5 FLAK (ELIAS EILERTSEN FJAER4, EILERT CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN3 FJAER, IOHANN ERICHSEN2 FIER/SAEVIG, ERICH1) was born 26 September 1876 in Flak, Klingen, Norway12, and died 11 December 1963 in Stanwood, Skagit, Washington13.  He married HILDA WILHELMINE BJORKLUND 16 September 1902 in Butte, Montana14, daughter of PELLES BJORKLUND and BRITTA OLOFSDOTTER.  She was born 10 November 1881 in Overmora, Dalane, Sweden15, and died 20 April 1958 in Snohomish Co., Washington15.



Burial: Buried in Milltown Cemetary - Skagit Co.

Census: 1910, Census, Cove Precinct, King Co., WA, ED 24, Sht 9b

Emigration: 1897, Immigrated from Norway to USA

Marriage: 17 September 1902, Married - Butte, Mt in the Evan. Luth Church - Rev . A. Sanstrom presiding.



Emigration: 22 August 1902, Immigrated from Sweden to USA16

Burial: Buried in Milltown Cemetery - Skagit Co.

Obituary: 24 April 1958, Obit - Twin City News


Children of OLE FLAK and HILDA BJORKLUND are:


             i.   EDWIN OLAF6 FLECK, b. 30 April 1904, Fremont, Seattle, King Co. , Washington; m. (1) CLARA JOSEPHINE LIEN, 1933, Everett, Snohomish, Washington; b. 18 September 1902, Almenia, Wisconsin; d. 1965, Everett, Snohomish, Washington; m. (2) BLANCHE H. HASKELL, 22 November 1971, Seattle, King, Washington.

            ii.   ARTHUR CONSTANTINE FLECK, b. 31 March 1905; d. September 1971, Seattle, King, Washington; m. HULDA OLIVA GUNERIUS, 05 July 1931, Silvana, Washington; b. 03 July 1909, Silvana,  Washington; d. 29 October 1983, Everett, Snohomish, Washington.

           iii.   RUTH ELFREDA FLECK, b. 25 August 1906, Fremont, Seattle, King Co. , Washington; d. 27 April 1981, Mt. Vernon, Skagit, Washington; m. LINUS KENNETH MCLEOD, 17 January 1923, Mt. Vernon, Skagit, Washington; b. 07 December 1898; d. 11 October 1986.

           iv.   EDNA LEONA FLECK, b. 07 November 1908, Vashon,Washington; m. (1) BROR A. WINGARD; b. Loveid, Norway; m. (2) ABEL EMANUEUL JOHNSON, 01 July 1933; b. 23 January 1898, Cedardale, Mt. Vernon, Skagit, Washington; d. 10 December 1987.

            v.   MAE EVELYN FLECK, b. 01 May 1911, Vashon,Washington; m. MARK CALVIN ELLINGSON, 02 July 1929, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; b. 03 February 1901, Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

           vi.   ELMER KENNETH FLECK, b. 06 March 1915, Vashon,Washington; d. 07 October 1996, Soap Lake, Washington; m. GLORIA ELOISE HANSON PHILLIPS, 01 January 1942, Ketchikan, Alaska; b. 25 December 1922, Juneau, , Alaska.

          vii.   ELVERA IRENE FLECK, b. 27 July 1917, Butte, Montana; m. (1) CLARENCE GUNERIUS, 26 February 1936; b. 26 November 1905, Sylvana, Washington; d. 13 August 1972, Stanwood, Skagit, Washington; m. (2) CAROL RONHOLT, 17 November 1958; b. 04 November 1921; d. 14 January 1981, Mt. Vernon, Skagit, Washington.

         viii.   HILMA ELIZABETH FLECK, b. 30 June 1918, Butte, Montana; m. (1) SANFORD HENRY SWARTOS, 24 September 1938, Everett, Snohomish, Washington; b. 07 October 1916, Volga, South Dakota; d. 19 May 1968; m. (2) RALPH ROBERTSON, 19 January 1974, Mt. Vernon, Skagit, Washington; b. 29 December 1908, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington.

          ix.   HERMAN CHARLES FLECK, b. 28 April 1921, Stanwood, Skagit, Washington/Stanwood, Snohomish Co., WA; d. July 1941, Stanwood, Skagit, Washington.

           x.   CLIFFORD FLECK, b. 24 April 1922, Milltown, Skagit, Washington17; d. 07 October 1998, Lyman, Skagit, Washington18; m. ANN MARGARET REID, 21 September 1947, Silver Lake, Snohomish, Washington19; b. 16 April 1922, Stanwood, Snohomish Co., WA20; d. 14 March 1997, Sedro Woolley, Skagit, Washington21.



Was enlisted in the US Army during WW II.  Employed at Bendix Steel in Sedro-Woolley. 

An additional source for the Fleck families is Elmer Fleck's, Fleck Family History from 1983.


Burial: 10 October 1998, Fir-Conway Cemetery, Skagit, Washington (old Milltown) off Starbrite Road south of the Mount Vernon Airport.

Education: Bef. 1940, Milltown School in Skagit County.  According to Don McLeod ("Scotty"), the Milltown school was located immediately west of the Cemetery in the field right below Ole & Hilda's graves.  It was a two room school house with two teachers.

Education - Sports: Bef. 1940, According Don McLeod, Grandpa was the pitcher for the Milltown Baseball Team and in 1938 they played a championship game in a Stadium - Sedro?

How he got a middle name?: Took "Jack" as a middle name when he did not have one in the service.

Military service - Awards: Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal w/Star, American Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal

Military Service - Rank: Tec 5

Military Service-Hon. Dis: 17 December 1945, Serial No. 39-192-243; Tec. 5; Cook for 39th Station Hospital

Military Service-uniform: WWII Veteran - Discharged honorably from Army.  Uniform and flag used at service with Rod Fleck.

Occupation: Worked in the shake industry in the Skagit Valley, also worked for Bendix in Sedro until the plant closed and he lost all of his retirement.

Residence: Concrete during the 1960s and early 1970s, then moved to Ferry Street in Sedro in a house with rock work porch, then to Warner Street where he and Grandma lived from nearly 20 years, moved to Lyman where Aunt Bonnie took care of him.



Burial Location: Buried at Fir-Conway Lutheran Cemetary on 17 Mar 1997, 1 pm.


          xi.   LUCILE FLORENCE FLECK, b. 19 January 1925, Milltown, Skagit, Washington; d. 1959, Milltown, Skagit, Washington; m. ERNEST W. PEDERSON, June 1944, Seattle, King, Washington; b. 1919, Longview, Puget Island, Washington.





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