A Brief Biography of Anna Mackie Scott


First a Note from the Author and Great Grandson of Anna:  I have linked to this biography digital copies of some of the documents associated with Anna’s life.  Most of those files are less than 100KB, so if you are interested please be patient to let them load up.  I hope you enjoy this enriched version of the biography.


Anna Mackie Scott was born to David Scott and his wife Agnes, born Agnes Arnott, on the 6th of April 1886 in Auchterderran, Fifeshire, Scotland.[1]  David and Agnes had a total of seven children with Anna being the 6th.[2]  David was a coal miner that lived in the Denend Colliery and he apparently met his wife in the Auchterderran area, as the couple was married in 1872 in Denend.[3]  Agnes was the daughter of Alexander Arnott and Janet Moyes of Auchterderran, her father being a miner at the Denend Colliery.[4]  David was the son of Andrew Scott and Ann McKay/Mackie.[5]


The first mention of Annie, other than her birth entry noted above, was in the 1891 Census.  At the age of 4, Annie Scott is listed with the David and Agnes Scott family living at “Denored” Colliery.  Her two older brothers, Alexander and Andrew, were both working in the mines despite Andrew’s age being 14 – something today that would not be allowed, but was common during the period.


Prior to 1916, Annie was living in Cowdenbeath and working as a weaver.  According to family tradition, Annie had met the man of her dreams as a young teenager – William Shanks Reid of Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.[6]  William was one of four children born to William Shanks Reid, an Engine Keeper, and Elizabeth Gray Maxwell, a former domestic servant.[7]  Supposedly the two families knew each other and met on a regular basis.  Whether or not there was a family relationship between the two families is not known.  What is known is that William Shanks Reid immigrated to America on 20 May 1910 from Liverpool, England.[8]  He arrived in Detroit, Michigan on the 28th of May and a year later filed his intentions to become a citizen of the U.S. in Springfield, Illinois.  By 1912, William was living in Strool, South Dakota and begun the process of homesteading property he obtained from the U.S. Government.  According to the family stories, the two corresponded during the time he was alone in America.


By 1916, William’s efforts must have been paying off.  Annie left Cowdenbeath and obtained passage aboard the vessel California and departed from Glasgow to the United States.  She arrived in New York, probably passing through customs at Ellis Island under the watchful eye of Lady Liberty, on the 25th of September 1916.  Four days later, she was present at the Circuit Court in Perkins County where she filed her declaration of intent to become a U.S. citizen.[9]  She probably did this so quickly in order to become eligible to obtain a land patent. 


On the 22nd of October 1916, the two were married in Strool, Perkins County, South Dakota.[10]  Both she and William homesteaded a series of large tracts (almost 600 acres) in Perkins County, South Dakota.[11]  The homesteads were under the jurisdiction of the Black Hills District of the Department of the Interior, however the area is much flatter than the area of the true Black Hills.[12]  The work, like the land itself, was hard.  On 13 January 1920, the couple had a son, Wilbur David Reid, who was born in Reeder, Adams County, North Dakota.[13]  The family is listed in the 1920 Census for Perkins’ County, South Dakota.[14]  fShortly after Wilbur’s birth, the couple sold their property and moved to Stanwood, a city located in Snohomish County, Washington.


On the 16th of April 1922, the couple had their last child, Ann Margaret Reid – who would go be the name Margaret Ann Reid all of her adult life.  Three other children had been born but had not survived according to a note made by Annie in 1940.[15]  The family purchased property in Island County in 1926 and later purchased additional acreage, which remained in the hands of the children until the mid-1950s.[16]  The family was proud of its Scottish heritage.  William went by the name “Scotty,” and the family attended various “highland events.”  It was at these that Margaret learned traditional Scottish dancing.  Margaret also talked about her mother’s ability to “read the leaves” – tea leave reading.  According to Margaret – “we descend from a witchy folk.”  Whether that is referring to the Reid’s or the Scott’s in unknown.


Annie Mackie Scott Reid died on 4 January 1944 in Stanwood.[17]  Her obituary, published in the Twin City News of Stanwood, noted that she was a pioneer in the Black Hills – thereby confusing her great grandson’s efforts to locate where the couple originally lived.  She is buried in the Conway Lutheran Cemetery.[18]  William Shanks Reid met another women a few years later and moved to Hartley, Iowa where he and his second wife Ida ran a nursing home.  William died on 21 April 1952 in Ashton, Iowa.  His health had been failing and his children were rushing to Iowa to see him, unfortunately, they would learn as they traveled that their father had past away.[19]  William, pursuant to his wishes, was buried next to Annie in the Conway Lutheran Cemetery.[20]


Wilbur David Reid married twice.  Wilbur and his second wife Norma Jensen had two children, Dale and Gail.  Wilbur died at the age of 45 due to heart problems.


Margaret Reid also married twice.  She had four children, two with Gary Walls (Gary and Sandra), and two with Clifford Fleck (Gordon and Bonnie).  Sandra, Gordon and Bonnie were raised by Margaret and Clifford in Concrete, Washington.  When Margaret passed away in 1997, she left behind four children, seven grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.  Her husband Clifford passed away in 1998.


Written by Rod Fleck, grandson of Ann Margaret Reid and great grandson of Annie Mackie Scott.  Contact Rod at rodfleck@olypen.com


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[18]           Id.  However a visit in 1997 to the cemetery revealed that the name had been changed.  Here is what her obituary states, source cited above: 



Anna Scott Reid

Anna Scott Reid, wife of "Scotty" Reid of Camano Island, died January 4 in the 56th year of her age, following a lingering illness of the past three years.


Mrs. Reid was born in Fifeshire, Schotland in 1888, coming to America in 1916.  Settling in South Dakota, she filed on and secured a patent to 640 acres of government land in the Black Hills District.


Her marriage with Mr. Reid was the result of a romance started in Scotland six years before.


The family moved to Camano Island in 1921, where they have since resided as farmers.


Besides her husband, deceased leaves to mourn a son, Bill Reid and family, and a daughter Mrs. Robert Walls and family.


Funeral services were held from the Methodist church Friday at 2:00 p.m. with the REv. Robins conducting the service.  Burial was in the Anderson Cemetery.


Pallbearers, all neighbors, were Ed Iverson, Wm. E. Terry, Gus Lehman, Victor Lund, Wm. Strevers, and Robert Spence.


[19]           In the early edition of the Twin City News just prior to his death the following was published:


             MUCH IMPROVED - Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reid of Camano Island have just returned from a hurry-up trip to Ashton Iowa, where they were called by the sudden illness of Mr. Reid's father, the well-known and widely esteemed Scotty Reid, who for many years lived on Camano Island, where he still owns his farm.  Good news to his many friends is that he is showing a steady recover and baring setbacks, should soon be his old self again.  We sure hope so.


             Unfortunately – the Editor’s hopes were not fulfilled.  On either the 24th of April or 1st of May 1952, the newspaper ran the following obituary:


"SCOTTY" REID PASSES - William Shanks (Scotty) Reid died in Ashton, Iowa, April 21, 1952.  He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, May 24, 1887.


Deceased was a resident of Camano Island from 1921 until 1946, when he remarried and moved to Ashton.  His first wife died in 1943.  He had a fine farm on the Island near Sunrise Point.


Left to mourn besides his widow is a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Ann Fleck, and a son Wilbur David Reid both of Route 1, Camo Island.  There are five grandchildren.


The body was brought to East Stanwood for burial in the Camano Island Lutheran Cemetery where the Rev. Neiser conducted graveside rites.  The funeral service was held in Iowa.  Among the pallbearers were Ed Iverson and W.E. Terry, former neighbors.  The Gunderson Funeral Home was in charge of the burial.


[20]           Certificate of Death, State file no. 72 – 24.  His social security number was 539-01-1826.  Birth date given as 24 May 1887, and place of birth as Edinburgh, Scotland.  His cause of death was coronary thrombosis, and he had suffered from heart disease for 10 years prior to his death.  He was buried in Stanwood on 28 April 1952.