Descendants of Leonhard Alt



Generation No. 1


1.  LEONHARD5 ALT  (JOHANN NIKOLAUS4, JOHANN HENRICH3, BERNHARD2, JOHANNES1) was born 04 August 1810 in Steinau, Hessen-Kassel1, and died 19 May 1884 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania2,3.  He married ANNA MARGARETHA AMEND 14 September 1838 in Steinau, Hessen-Kassel4,5, daughter of JOHANN AMEND and MARIA EULER.  She was born 08 April 1815 in Steinau, Hessen-Kassel6, and died 10 June 1881 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania7.



Burial: 22 May 1884, St. Pauls Evangelical Luthern Cemetary

Census - 1870: 04 June 1870, P. O. Surgeons Hall, Crimily (?) Borough, Allegheny Co., PA8

Census - 1880: Harcumases Alley, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA9

Fact 2: 30 May 1855, Declared intent to become citizen - U.S. West. Dist. of Penn.10

Immigration: 185211,12

Military service: Discharged 19 April 183613,14,15

Occupation: Shoemkaer

Property: In Steinau owned property16



Burial: 12 June 1881, St. Pauls Evangelical Luthern Cemetary


Children of LEONHARD ALT and ANNA AMEND are:

            i.   NICOLAUS6 ALT17, b. 07 February 1837, Steinau, Hessen-Kassel; d. 11 June 1843, Steinau, Hessen-Kassel.

2.        ii.   ANNA ELISABETHA ALT, b. 01 May 1842, Steinau, Hessen-Kassel; d. 12 January 1928, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

3.       iii.   EVA ELISABETHA ALT, b. 05 July 1844, Steinau, Hessen-Kassel.

          iv.   MARGARET ALT, b. 185518.

          v.   MARY ALT, b. January 1857, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; d. 03 January 1883, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; m. HENRY ERBE, 22 July 1877, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.



Generation No. 2


2.  ANNA ELISABETHA6 ALT (LEONHARD5, JOHANN NIKOLAUS4, JOHANN HENRICH3, BERNHARD2, JOHANNES1) was born 01 May 1842 in Steinau, Hessen-Kassel19, and died 12 January 1928 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania20,21.  She married JOHANN HEINRICH AUGUST FUNK 28 July 1860 in St. Paul's Evng. Luth. Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania22, son of JOHANN FUNK and JOHANNE/ANNE BECK.  He was born 03 January 1837 in Minden, Westphalia, Prussia23,24,25, and died 09 June 1900 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania26,27,28.



Fraternal Organization: member - Friedericka Rebakah Lodge No. 201, IOOF

Other: Received after August's death a Veteran's Pension



Census - 1860: Augustus Funk, Pg. 109, Allegheny County, Birmingham Burough29

Census - 1870: 04 June 1870, P.O.Surgeons Hall, Allegheny County (Crimily Borough?), Pg 2730

Census - 1880: 03 July 1880, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania31

Fact 4: 30 August 1886, Witness to brother Bernhardt's petition to naturalize

Fraternity Membership: member - Peter Futs Lodge No. 468, IOOF

Military Record: Civil War Vet - 74th Penn Vol Inf32,33,34

Wedding: 28 July 1860, Married - St. Paul's Evangelical Church - lists full name, Westphalen


Children of ANNA ALT and JOHANN FUNK are:

            i.   ELIZABETH7 FUNK, b. 31 May 186135; d. 13 February 186336.

4.        ii.   WILLIAM LANEHART FRED FUNK, b. 20 July 1865, South Side, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; d. 27 April 1905, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

          iii.   HENRY FUNK, b. 16 October 186636; d. 30 October 186736.

          iv.   HENRY A. FUNK, b. 06 March 186836; d. 29 May 190636.


More About HENRY A. FUNK:

City Directory: 1890, Pittsburgh City Directory - Henry J. L. Funk mldr listed at 48 South 27th Street


          v.   JOHANN HEINRICH AUGUST FUNK, b. 22 October 1869, Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania37; d. 30 October 1869, Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania38.

          vi.   HEINRICH PETER LEONHARD FUNK, b. 22 October 1869, Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania39; d. 15 June 1870, Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

         vii.   JOHANN GUSTAVE ADOLPH FUNK, b. 26 November 1870, Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania40; d. 29 March 1914, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania40.



Medical Information: Invalid


        viii.   AUGUSTA HENRIETTA FUNK, b. 01 June 1873, Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; d. 1945; m. WILLIAM DAUM, 1899.

5.       ix.   ANN CAROLYN LOUISE FUNK, b. 29 October 1874, South Side, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; d. 27 November 1951, Brintwood, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

           x.   INFANT FUNK, b. 03 March 1876, Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; d. July 1877.



3.  EVA ELISABETHA6 ALT (LEONHARD5, JOHANN NIKOLAUS4, JOHANN HENRICH3, BERNHARD2, JOHANNES1) was born 05 July 1844 in Steinau, Hessen-Kassel41.  She married JOHANNES GUHL. 


Child of EVA ALT and JOHANNES GUHL is:

            i.   MARGARTHA7 ALT, b. 09 January 1865, Brownstone, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Generation No. 3


4.  WILLIAM LANEHART FRED7 FUNK (ANNA ELISABETHA6 ALT, LEONHARD5, JOHANN NIKOLAUS4, JOHANN HENRICH3, BERNHARD2, JOHANNES1) was born 20 July 1865 in South Side, Allegheny, Pennsylvania42, and died 27 April 1905 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  He married ANNA C. BODE 28 February 1894 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, daughter of FREDERICK BODE and AUGUSTA KUFMAN.  She was born 26 October 1869, and died 19 November 1948 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.



Fact 2: Barber



            i.   FREDERICK W. L.8 FUNK, b. 23 March 1903, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; d. 13 January 1970, Hustontown, , Pennsylvania; m. LAVADA ELIZABETH BICKEL, 07 May 1930, New York, New York; b. 09 August 1903, Ten Mile Bottom, , Pennsylvania; d. 16 November 1990, Hustontown, , Pennsylvania.



5.  ANN CAROLYN LOUISE7 FUNK (ANNA ELISABETHA6 ALT, LEONHARD5, JOHANN NIKOLAUS4, JOHANN HENRICH3, BERNHARD2, JOHANNES1) was born 29 October 1874 in South Side, Allegheny, Pennsylvania43, and died 27 November 1951 in Brintwood, Allegheny, Pennsylvania44.  She married WILLIAM AUGUST BODE 18 August 1897 in 2528 Sarah St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania45,46, son of FREDERICK BODE and AUGUSTA KUFMAN.  He was born 26 May 1877 in Baldwin Township,Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania47,48, and died 11 December 1957 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania49.



Census - 1900: 27th Street, Pittsburgh, PA50

Census - 1910: 16 April 1910, Brownsville, Baldwin Township,Allegheny Co., PA51

Census - 1920: January 1920, Living at Spencer Avenue, Carrick Boro., Allegheny Co., PA52

Occupation: Bet. 1920 - 1929, Land developer in Pittsburgh's Dormont area/Mt Lebanon - Sunset Hills and Parker Gardens

Social Security Number: 07 January 1952, 174-28-6300 - Occupation now ws Printer and living in Harrisburg, PA


Children of ANN FUNK and WILLIAM BODE are:

            i.   HENRIETTA AUGUSTA8 BODE, b. 31 October 1899; d. 07 August 1991, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania53; m. JOHN ROBERT PROCTOR.

           ii.   WILLIAM A. BODE, b. 17 November 1900; d. June 1901.

          iii.   WILMA ANN BODE, b. 07 November 1905, South Side, Allegheny, Pennsylvania54; d. 08 January 1996, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania55,56; m. WILLIAM CHARLES KNECHTEL, 07 December 1921, Wellsburg, West Virginia57; b. 19 July 1904, Squirrel Hill, , Pennsylvania58; d. 01 November 1987, Fenks Township, Forest County, Pennsylvania59,60.



Burial: 12 January 1996, Buried


          iv.   ROBERT H. BODE, b. 1902; d. 10 September 1974; m. BEATRICE.

          v.   EMMA CHARLOTTE BODE, b. Aft. 1910; m. FRED USHKARAT.






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4.  Church extract from Steinau by Clem Schreiber, 14.09.1838  Steinau:  Leonhard Alt, Buerger und Schuhmacher, Sohn des Nicolaus Alt (tot?), ist 28 Jahre alt, evangelischer Konfession und wohnt in Steinau; Margaretha Amend, ehelich tochter des Nicolaus Amend, ist 23 Jahre lat, evangelischer Konfession und Wohnt in Steinau.  Ohne Proklamation, weil sie schon ein Kind haben.  Trauung in der Reinhardskirche.  Zeugen der Gloeckner Gelhaar und seine Frau.

5.  Civil Register of Marriages of Steinau, FHC No. 860124 - No. 44 on page 1, Concluded in Steinau on the 4th of August, 1838 Civil Marriage that denotes that Leonhard owns property .  Also shows that he was discharged from the service on 19 April 1836.

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11.  Germans to America by Glazier & Filby, Vol 2, Ship the Sara, From Bremen to Baltimore arriving on 24 May 1852 is Leonhard ALt age 42 a shoemaker from Kurhessen going to Pennsylvania with wife Margaret, daughters Elisabeth and Anna.

12.  Hessische Auswanderer - HESAUS, Archivschule Marburg, Institut Fuer Archivwissenschaft von Inge AuerbachAlt  Bernhard      frau d. bernhard      tochter d. bernhard      tochter d. bernhard    these found on document 1a, 23,154alt, leonhard      frau d. leonhard         these found on document 1a, 23,272copies of these source documents should be now available.  Both families out of Steinau, district of Schluechtern, left for America in 1852.

13.  Civil Register of Marriages of Steinau, See information associated with marriage.

14.  Soldier List, FHC #0860394, Entry No. 5218 is Leonhard Alt - description and service record.

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21.  Obituary of Anna Alt Funk, Funk - On Thursday, Jan 12., 1928 at 6:50 p.m., Anna Alt Funk, widow of August Funk, aged 85 years.  Mother of Mrs. Anna C.L. Bodeand Mrs. Mollie H. Daum.  Sister of Mrs Margaret Vegeler.  Also survived by 6 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.  Services Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the residence of her dauther, Mrs. William Daum.  337 Sunset Drive, corner of Castle Shannon rd., Mt. Lebanon via car No. 38 to end of line.  Friends of the family and members of the Smithfield German Evangelical Protestant Church, Fredericka Rebekah Lodge No. 201, IOOF, and Women's Relief Corps of Grand Army of the Republic are respectfully invited.  Intermentin South Side Cemetary.  Fredericka Rebekah Lodge services Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.

22.  Entry in Church Book now in possession of Good Shepards Lutheran Church, No. 8 - Married on 28 July 1860 Johann Heinrich August Funk from Westfalen with Anna Alt from (Ku"r)hessen.  Witnesses were Leonhard Alt and Friedrich Albrecht.

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28.  Registry of Deaths - Pittsburgh, 1905, Vol. 99, Pg. 486, Age 63 yrs, 6 months, 6 daysDied of cancer of the stomach which he had for 1 yearFather was Bernhard FunkHad lived at 46th 27th street for 14 years and previous residence was 2627 Jane both in the 25th Ward.

29.  1860 Census, Birmingham Burough, Allegheny County, PA, pg 109, Augustus Funk is listed in what appears to be a boarding house.  The entire list of boarders is given a birthplace of PA via the use of "".

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43.  Affidavit of Applicant for Marriage License, States:  That Annie C.L. Funk was born in Pittsburg Pa. on the 29th day of October 1874, that she is now of the full age of 22 years, that she resides at #48 27th Street, S.S., Pgh. Pa. that she has not been married before.

44.  Death Certificate, Usual residence was Butler County in Harrisville.  Born 29 Oct 1874.

45.  e-mail of Helen, Annie C.L. Funk( born October 29,1874  in Pittsburgh residing at 48 27thSt.)  married Wm A Bode  (born May 26 1876 in Allegheny County  andresiding at 2528 Sarah St. Birmingham ,Now South Side  on Aug 18, 1897.Rev J C Kunzmann  presiding. William's occcupation is listed as millworker  The number you need to get the actual marriage record  is C12407  Volume 42 page 136.  It may or may not have additionalinformation.  If you want the address  email me.  HELEN L>  Thisinformation is from Carniege Library..

46.  Affidavit of Applicant for Marriage License, Number 12407, Series C.  Register of Wills, Clerk of Orphans' Court, Court of Common Pleas, Pittsburgh, PA, J.C. Kunzman, Minister of the Ev.Luth. Church, certified that he married Wm. A. Bode and Annie C. L. Funk at Bode's Residence in Pittsburgh's "S.S." (south side) on 18 August 1897.  The marriage application obtained by Wm. A. Bode states that he was born in Allegheny Co., PA on the 26th of May 1876 and being 21 he resides at 2528 Sarah Street, S.S., Pg., PA.  He is a mill worker, not related to Annie by blood, nor married before.  She was born on the 29th of October 1874 and was 22 years old and resided at #48 27th St. South Side, Pgh, PA and that she had not been married before.  The application was obtained on the 6th of August 1897.  A sum of 50 cents was paid for the license.

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