This page is a “place holder” for promotion of that remarkable tome once it’s in the publisher’s hand.


[Disclaimer – in no way is this page suppose to be seen as an attempt to add pressure upon the author of THE BOOK.  This page is purely being drafted well, well, well, well in advance of that manuscript reaching its publisher in order to prepare the website builder enough time to come up with a cool promotional site for THE BOOK.  Again this should not be seen as an effort to bring the publication of that long awaited history to completion any sooner than expected.


However if it had that side effect, naturally it would be seen as a “good thing.” J  The management.  J]

Revised –


Spring 2010

Sometimes life just wants to toss you curve balls, and for the author that has been the case for about 18 months.  First, there was the new job.  Then there was the significant capital budget for the projects associated with the new job.  Then there was the new boss that oversaw the author’s new job.  Honestly, he’s been working on the edits.  But toss in a few things that happen in life – medical, personal, and well just life – and he’s learning that time can be a fleeting thing to collect.  A few key strokes here, a few redlined pages there, and progress is made albeit even in the author’s mind not as much as he would hope and like to be able to say was made.  The new goal and objective is to have the book available by the 150th anniversary of the formation of the regiment.  Let’s hope that the fates align to allow the opportunity for that to occur in the next year.



Spring 2008

I truly believe that there are times that the story of the book itself will be as interesting to read as the historical insight it provides.  This time a series of events conspired against our learned historian before his family’s visit to China to unite with their adorable toddler daughter – Sybella.  Upon their return from that remarkable experience, our scribe found himself needing serious medical attention.  Ultimately, a virus being the culprit, things took turns for the better, but only after three months.  So, limited progress was made on the book – but progress was made including some pretty remarkable discoveries involving the early years of the Republican Party that helped the 35th PA become the 74th PA and gave rise to the legend of the “errant clerk.” 


As to the family, all are doing well.  The newest addition, Sybella, is a delight and gets a lot of help from big sister – Lexie.  Mom and Dad are enjoying the delights associated with a toddler and a teen.


Winter 2007


I know, I know – the book is coming.  Ok, sure it is Rod, sure it is…just keep saying it and you might believe it.


It is…seems the author had a major computer problem over the summer in the course of having a few weeks off to finish the edits.  Most of the work was recovered – most if it.  He is now in the final (re)edits of the manuscript. 


In the course of those final edits in the Summer, the author discovered another set of archives that had some unknown materials regarding the religious issues within the regiment. 


Fall 2007

Well, the work was being done and things moved fairly well after the computer crashes, restored drives and such of earlier this year.  The big, big news in the Author’s life is the adoption of a beautiful little girl from China - Sybella Gene Zhi Xue Coulson.  Sybella was born on 22 Mar 2007 and united with her new family this Fall.  She is a doll.  CONGRATS TO THE COULSON FAMILY!!!!


So, during those late night diaper changes, HE IS GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO FINALIZE THE MANUSCRIPT!!  2008 is the 145th Anniversary and I know that the Publisher is panting for this one!


Summer 2004


As the participating descendants associated with this website know, there is a book being written by one of the descendants of the 74th..  This book is destined to become the definitive history of this remarkable regiment.  It’s also destined to add some interesting details to events that up until its publication have remained unknown to many historians – including some of the “all time greats of Civil War history.”  Trust me – I have seen edits.


Now, THE BOOK, was completed – sent in manuscript form to the publisher (University of Pennsylvania as I recall) and the wonderful editors there felt that it really need a few chapters on the social history of the 74thers, their communities and such.  So, our “struggling author” has been asked to add that material to the book as well.  So in our ever continual quest of virtue, as a result of patience, the author at no fault of his own is having to hit the archives again to add that material.  Much of it he has “sketched out” but needs some archival work to ensure its accuracy. 


This fall he got a bit of assistance – well ok maybe not a lot of assistance but not too much of a hindrance either – in an archive grab that covered three states and half a dozen archives and libraries.  I can attest to the difficulty facing the author in that one of the challenges he has is reconciling three different regimental musters for the regiment with slightly different information and in some cases slightly different spellings of names.  So, that is impeding his progress dramatically.  In addition, the research team – in spite of having little sleep mind you for a host of reasons – acquired a stack of copies of German newspapers, letters, and even a diary one descendant provided that have to be reconciled with the text.  Now keep in mind that in addition to learning the nuances of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and a small sacrifice to the Lords of Safety along the way, we were contending with closed offices and holidays.  YET – the new material will be very helpful and it does affirm other documents.   Combined the book, when done, will be one that will effectively and with near real-time documentation, refute some “established facts” regarding Gettysburg and other events.  That will be amazing and well worth the wait!