Finger Nail Sketch of the Regiment


Mustered into Federal Service on 14 September 1861 as the 35th Pennsylvania Infantry.


Renumbered as the 74th Pennsylvania Infantry in the early part of 1862.


Received their colors on 5 March 1862 according to Advance the Colors!


Re-enlistment of regiments are noted as being January 1864 and in March 1865.  The March enlistees are the ones listed in Samuel Bate’s book on Pennsylvania Regiments and referred to as the second regiment in this website.

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Mustered out of Service on 29 August 1865.




Battle Lists

The battle list is pursuant to Bates and the Official History – I have added to this the skirmishes that Chuck Abbott and Bret Coulson have helped to define.  Battles had a very specific definition and they are listed with an asterisk (and have links to picture tours).  Others are actions or skirmishes.  This is not a complete list in that Bret is still finding other skirmishes, etc.  Please note that for some Numbers 5, 6 are the same battle, but the U.S. Army identified the 28th of August 1862 as the Battle of Groveton and the next two days at the Battle of 2nd Bull Run (Manassas if you are south of the Mason-Dixon line).


1.      * Cross Keys, VA                    8 Jun 1862

2.    Freeman’s Ford, VA           22 Aug 1862

3.    Sulpher Springs, VA            24 Aug 1862

4.    Waterloo Bridge, VA          25 Aug 1862

5.    *Groveton, VA                    28 Aug 1862

6.    * 2nd Bull Run, VA               29-30 Aug 1862

7.    * Chancellorsville                2-3 May 1863

8.    * Gettysburg                       1-3 Jul 1863

9.        Seabrook Isl. SC              16 Nov 1863

10.           John’s Island, SC              25 Dec 1863

11.   John’s Island, SC                  9-11 Feb 1864

12.James Island, SC                  22 May 1864

13. James Island, SC                  1-3 Jul 1864



Recruitment origins of the Companies

According to Samuel Bates’ History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 – Vol. 1 – Please keep in mind that Bates for the most part only had the 2nd Regiment’s rosters.  The Second Regiment is defined as those that enlisted in late 1864 or early 1865.


Company A - Columbia and Wyoming Counties

Company B – Pittsburgh

Company C – Northumberland County

Company D – Snyder and Union County

Company E – Northumberland County

Company F – Indiana and Westmoreland Counties

Company G – Adams and Berks Counties

Company H – Not recorded in Bates

Company I – Pittsburgh

Company K – Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties

[197 officers and men enlisted from Philadelphia according Taylor]