Private Hiram Schwenk was the descendant of Nicholas Schwenk who served in the American Revolution.Hiram was a 5th generation American with roots going b ack to the Rheinland of Germany.  He was born in Middleburg, PA and live in several towns within Snyder and Union Counties.  He was a shoemaker in Middleburg, PA prior to and after the war. 


He enlisted as a musician in Company D on 4 March 1865 and was mustered out with his company on 29 Aug 1865.


He died in September of 1873 at the age of 44 having lived out the last years of his life after the war in Middleburg, his birth town.  He and his wife Amelia are buried at Old Hassingerís (White) Cemetery in Middleburg.  His grave marker has his name spelt SWENK.  His father and mother are also buried in the same cemetery and their name spelling remained SCHWENK.    Eventually the family changed the nameís spelling to SWANK. 


Mark Swank