Official Regimental Restaurant



No this is not an example of shameless web sponsorship – rather this is promoting a true friend of the Regiment – in more ways than one.  Farnsworth House is one of the exemplar bed and breakfasts, restaurants and bookstores in Gettysburg.  Folks, if you are visiting and you have not had the chance to eat at Farnsworth House – you need to make that a “MUST DO” on your visit – you will not be disappointed.  I am taking the liberty to designate it the official restaurant of the 74th Descendants in Gettysburg – I love their food – you will not go home feeling you didn’t get enough to eat.


In addition to those services, Farnsworth House provides a unique perspective of the Gettysburg battlefield – Ghost Tours at night.  I will say that even if you don’t believe in Ghosts the ticket price is well worth it for the stories and the entertainment factor.  For those that believe, um, don’t be surprised if some odd things happen to your cameras – trust me on this. 


Now the other reason this is the Regimental Restaurant is -- well Mr. Schulz, the current proprietor, could argue it is because of needed compensation for some things our ancestor’s did at Farnsworth house.  For you see, the attic was used by Confederate snipers (one, Walter, allegedly still is at his post in the attic) and our boys littered the outside wall with bullets – over a hundred or so.  You can still see our regimental handiwork in the brick wall facing Cemetery Hill.  Bret and I argue it is the regimental restaurant because of the fact that it’s our favorite stop in Gettysburg – history, tremendous food, and a book story that is truly one that will lighten your wallet but make you feel good in the process!  OH and be sure to go into the pub to see a model of a Hale Rocket launcher – see I told you it was our restaurant!