The Colors of the German Regiment


For each Civil War Regiment, be they from the North or the South, one of the most memorable events of the Regimentís early days was the presentation of its colors.The colors served as a rallying point for the Regiment in times of intense fire and in times of confusion.Many a person died in their efforts to advance the colors, or to save the colors from capture.


Bret Coulson has been kind enough to supply the site with the following information regarding the colors of the 74th.Hopefully, a picture can be added in the future once proper authorization has been obtained.


Here is the information provided by Bret:


On March 5, 1862, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Congressman Robert McKnight of Pittsburgh presented battleflags to the four Pennsylvania regiments in General Louis Blenker's German Division - the 27th, 73rd, 74th, and 75th - stating:


"Soldiers of the Republic!The State of Pennsylvania, alike the home and mother of us all, has deputed me, in her name and on her behalf, to present to you these flags, to be borne at the head of your advancing columns until the terrible strife in which we are unhappily plunged shall be crowned by complete and triumphant victory ... Pennsylvania commits these flags to your custody with no misgivings, well assured that when returned to her borders, though they may be soiled with dust and perchance stained with gore, they will never be sullied by cowardice or dishonor."


Flag Presentation to Pennsylvania Regiments, Philadelphia Inquirer, 8 March 1862, Pg. 1


The flag still exists -- you may have seen the remnants in Advance The Colors -- and I understand it currently has no sponsor[s] for its maintenance.Generally the state wants $1000 to undertake any special effort to preserve a particular regimental flag.