Private Frederick Schilling


I am a descendent of Frederick Schilling, Company D (GGG grandfather). He died on June 19, 1918 and is buried in the Homewood Cemetery. He was not a young man when he enlisted. He had 5 sons in the union army. Richard (Pvt.); Augustus (Pvt.) and Emmanuel (Cpl.) were in the 1st PA, a 3-month regiment which saw no action. William was in the 125th PA and was killed in the bayonet charge at Fredericksburg. Francis (my GG grandfather) was a captain in the 12th PA reserves (a.k.a. 41st PA). He was wounded at 2d Bull Run and returned to service.


I am relatively certain that the individual in the Fairfax Hospital registry identified as "Fred Schelling" ("no Fred Schelling, Union Army"), is Frederick Schilling of Company D. During this time frame the family appears to have been in the process of either learning to read and write, or anglicizing the family surname. The father and sons combined alternatively used "Schilling", "Schelling", "Shelling" and "Shilling".