Private Louis Roll of Company H.


Louis was born on 4 April 1845 in Pittsburgh, PA to Andrew and Scharlet Roll.Louis Roll enlisted in Pittsburgh on 27 August 1862 and served in Company H.At the time of his enlistment he was described as being 5í5Ē, 144 lbs., with brown hair and gray/light blue eyes with a complexion that may have just been a tan!He also had a noticeable mole on his lower lip above his chin.


He was present at the battles the regiment fought with his paperwork specifically calling out his participation in Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Johnís Island (SC) and Jamesí Island (SC).He musterd out of serve on 22 Jun 1865 in Clarksville, West Virginia and returned to Pittsburgh.He met and married Margery Gott on 3 Dec 1866.Their daughter, Mary, was born on 7 Oct 1867.After completing his term of enlistment, he worked as a blacksmith in Pittsburgh.


Records associated with Louisí activities were destroyed by a fire at the Alermanís office.Louis was known to be a brush maker and a laborer later in his life.His original pension application was denied on the basis that no Louis Roll could be found on the regimentís muster rolls.It being a German regiment, his name was entered as Ludwig and it took attorney Robert M. Long, and several years of effort, to obtain this veterean his pension of $75 per month.


Margery died on 19 Nov 1910 and was survived by Louis by 22 years.Louis died on 3 April 1932.


He is the ancestor of Chuck and Bryan Gilson.