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Tipton Monument Picture

74th PA Reunion Ribbon

Keystone Stereoview


This is a vintage Tipton Battlefield picture courtesy of Rob Frederick.  A wonderful image that is a true treasure.  Note the lack of trees in the background?  Take a look at the welcome page again and you can see what I am referring to with regard to that.  


Copyright Rob Frederick.  See listing of researchers and descendants to contact him for use of these images.


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Reunion Ribbon

You might have asked yourself, “I wonder if my ancestor ever attended a reunion for the regiment?  Wonder if they even had a reunion?”  Well here is proof that they must have.  These two images of a family treasure in Bob Cooper’s family.  It shows a bit of wear, but wow!  A true treasure.  Thanks for sharing Bob.




And then some lucky bidder got this stereo view card for only $5 on ebay – hope it was one of the regiment’s descendants!