Company D - Memorial

Picture courtesy of Rob Frederick



This is in a personal collection and the owner allowed Rob to take a picture of it and share it with the descendants of the 74th.  I will post the names of those on it when time permits.


Folks, this is a very rare item – we are very fortunate to have someone willing to share it with us.

**** Below is the transcription of this great item ****


Military Register



74th Regiment

Penn’a Volunteer Infantry

Department of West Virginia



Company Officers


Lewis Miller…….Captain

Aaron K. Gift………………1st Lieut.

Alexander G. Rohback………….2nd Lieut.

Isaac R. Hottenstein………Orderly Sgt.




James D. Rake

Abraham Wagner

Peter E. Bowen

John F. Long




Benjamin J. Smith

Frederick Seechrist

Edward L. Buffington

James H. Manbeck

George E. Seebol

Reuben C. Bowersox

Samuel Smith

Philip Smith




Abraham Sheary……..Drummer

Hiram Schwenk…..Fifer


Field and Staff Officers


Col. G. Hoburg

Lt. Col. Carl Veitenheimer

Major Elias P. Rohback

Surgeon, Stephan L. Chilson

Adjt. John H. Louis

Adjt. Robert Bertram

Ass’t Surgeon, G.B. Stockton

Q.M., Everhard Gerdts


Non-Commissioned Staff


Sgt. Major Robert Bertram

Sgt. Major George Stamm

Q.M. Sgt. Dominic St. Geyer

Q.M. Sgt. Robert Berger

Com. Sgt. Samuel Rothchild

Hospital Steward, Daniel W. Crouse

Drum Major, William Miller

Chief Bugler, Frederick Smith



James Buffington

John K. Bingaman

John Bolender

Aaron Bickel

Jacob Bickel…Deserted


George Diehl


Robert Eisenhower

John Earnest

William Engelhart

Oliver Eilert

John Ellis


Edward Freed


John F. Good

Isaac Gill

William Gemberling


Ephraim Howell

John Howell Jr.

Aaron Howell

Ephraim Hummel

Elias C. Hartman

Daniel Heiser

Amos L. Hackenburg

Jackson Howell

Aaron Helfrick

David Hixon….Discharged


James Jarrett

Hiram P. Jarrett


James F. Keller

George F. Keller

Franklin Kreider

John M. Kreider

Henry Knepp

Emanuel Katherman


Enoch Loudenslager….Discharged

Solomon Long…Deserted

Benjamin Long

David W. Loudenslager


Samuel Miller

John C. McFall…Discharged

Phillip L. Manbeck

Benjamin McClellan

Leonard J. Manbeck

Joseph Middleworth

John Musselman

William J. Moyer…Deserted


Levi Peck


Aaron Renninger

John B. Romig


Jacob Stuck

Levi Spiglemyer

Phillip Spaid

Isaac Swanger…Deserted

Hiram Smith….Discharged

George Spangler

Jacob K. Smith

Joseph Shannon

Joseph Springer…Discharged


Henry M. Ulch


Jacob Wetzel

James Williams…Deserted

Henry Wagner


Reuben Zechman

Henry Zechman…..Discharged




John H. Lewis---To Captain of Co. “C”

Daniel W. Crouse—To Regimental Steward




Aaron J. Fees




Ner Middlesworth