William Kendall, Sr., enlisted in 1777 at Winslow, ME (then MA) for a term of three years.  ( Mass Soldiers & Sailors of the Revolution, Vol. 9, pg. 105)  He served as a Private in Capt. Josiah Jenkin’s Company, 12th Battallion of Massachusetts Bay Forces (Continental Line) commanded by Col. Samuel Brewer.  He first appears on the company muster roll as a Private on 13 Nov 1776 located at Van Schaicke’s Island.  This is a set of islands at the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers—near Albany, NY.  In Aug 1779 he is listed on the company muster roll at West Point, NY.  Capt Jenkins being deceased—the unit was then commanded by Major Tobias Fernald.  He remained at the West Point station until he was discharged from service on 12 Mar 1780. 


He is supposed to have served in the retreat from Ticonderoga, Battle of Hubbardton, and both engagements with Burgoyne at Saratoga (Sept 19 + Oct 7, 1777).    I know from reading two studies of the Saratoga Campaign that the 12th Mass was part of Brigadier General John Patterson’s Brigade—Strength:  976 Continentals; 277 Militia; Total, 1,253  (John F. Luzader, Saratoga:  A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution,  New York:  Savas Beatie, LLC, 2008;  Appendix D & E, pg. 371-375).   The  Regiments included the 10th Mass (Col. Thomas Marshall: 11th Mass (Col. Benjamin topper); 12th Mass (Col. Samuel Brewer); and 14th Mass (Col. Gamaliel Bradford) plus 2 Mass Militia Regiments. 


From what I have read, it appears that parts of Patterson’s Brigade were at Ticonderoga and the retreat—the Battle of Hubbardton—and both engagements at Saratoga.  I think the 12th was held in reserve on Sept 19, and was stationed very near Gen. Gates headquarters .   Parts of the Brigade did see active combat on Oct 7, but I do not know which regiments or exactly where.  I need some help with this—which regiments and which companies of the 12th Mass were engaged and where?


A few days after the Saratoga victory and surrender of Burgoyne—the 12th Massachusetts was marched south to join General Washington.    I have a Xerox copy of part of the program dedication for the Maine Monument at Valley Forge (l907) and it lists William Kendall.   Patterson’s 12th Mass was at Valley Forge!   I don’t know of other service by the 12th Mass in 1778-1779-1780…but William Kendall served to guard the Hudson and was stationed at West Point, NY  (there was a huge chain across the river there).  His military service ended with his discharge on 12 Mar 1780.


He returned to Maine, settled on the Kennebec at what is now Fairfield, ME.  Owned a saw mill and grist mill  and a large farm.  He became wealthy and served as a Brigadier General in the Maine State Militia in the War of 1812.  2nd Brigade, 8th Division, in service at Wiscasset and Edgecomb from 14th to 25th September 1814.  His son, Captain William Kendall, Jr. also served in the War of 1812.


His wife Abigail Chase Kendall filed for a pension (probably 1832 ) as William Kendall. Sr. died 9 Aug 1827 at Fairfield, ME.  I do not have a copy of her pension file.   Abigail lived on for years, death came on 14 October 1855; they had a total of 11 children.


Submitted by his descendant David Kelly.