The following is a list of societies and organizations that might be of interest to those researching their ancestors. 


V          National Society of the Children of the American Revolution.  Members joining this organization can at the right age transfer into the appropriate adult society (Daughters of the American Revolution or Sons of the American Revolution).

V          National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  This is one of the heritage societies and with its amazing headquarters and library in Washington D.C., it is worth visiting.

V          National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  For the men, this is the equivalent of the D.A.R.

V          Order of Founders and Patriots.  This is a lineage society that requires an individual to be a lineal descendant of a male colonist who arrived on the continent before 13 May 1657, and whose descendants were active in the American Revolution.

V          The David Library of the American Revolution.  This is a remarkable research institution near Philadelphia (at Washington’s Crossing) that should be on the “to visit” list if you are in the area and are trying to research your American Revolutionary War Ancestor.  I include it here, because it’s collection is like those of the entities above.