This is a listing, in order that I was contacted, of individuals working on members, units, or the 12th Massachusetts in general.  A brief description is provided as to what the researcher’s interest is and a link that creates an e-mail to them.  Please let me know if you would like to be included here.


1.      Rod Fleck – Researching his wife’s ancestor, Sgt. Major John Gibson who lived after the War in Pomfret, Vermont.  Rod Fleck

2.     Bob McDonald – A well respected ARW historian, Bob has the discharge of Corporal Lemuel Smith signed by General George Washington.  Bob McDonald

3.     Cory Randall – Researching Lt. Archelaus Lewis who served with the regiment under both Colonels Phinney and Brewer.  Cory Randall

4.   Beryl Meehan – Researching his ancestor Pvt. Stephen Manchester who served with the regiment under Colonels Phinney.  His ancestor also served under Col. Vose and Col. Patterson.  Beryl Meehan  

5.     David Kelly – Researching his ancestor Pvt. William Kendall who served with the regiment.  His ancestor also was a Brigadier General in the War of 1812.  David Kelly

6.    Nancy Ratner Researching her ancestor, Stephen Swett, who served the regiment as the surgeon.  Nancy Ratner