Below are links associated with the American Revolutionary War that I have found to be extremely helpful in my research.  I hope you enjoy them as well.


o       MyRevolutionaryWar – A great site filled with information on units, equipment and such.

o       RevWar75 – This is an amazing site filled with specifics on the orderly books of both Continental and British forces, as well as links to other materials.

o       The Rifle Shop – A great maker of period replica’s for the reenactor or marksmen.  Absolutely stunning workmanship and the site helps acquaint the viewer with the types of weapons in use during the War.

o       National Park Service and NPS Advocacy

§        NPS’ American Revolutionary War On-Line Portal.  This is a great portal to the museum collections of the NPS associated with the War.  Great materials here and worth spending time looking through.  Organized by each associated park.

§        Valley Forge – This is the NPS site for the battlefield park.  Truly, this is a place to go and wander through the exhibits, see the movie they show, and then wander out along the battlefield.  While not part of the Park, be sure to also visit the Washington Memorial Chapel.

§        Valley Forge Muster Roll Index – this on-line database is searchable by name and is very easy to use. 

§        National Parks Conservation Association – This is the advocacy group for better funding of the National Park system, preservation of materials at the park, and other such activities.  NPCA has a long history of watchdogging the NPS – A great organization that is not an affiliate of the NPS.

o       Fort Klock – Three Rivers – This society’s website is loaded with scanned documents and books associated with the American Revolutionary War period in the Hudson, Mohawk and Schoharie River area.  Truly a remarkable organization.  Click on the “Site Map” for the list of materials available via this site.