History of the Regiment

The following is based upon the remarkable work done by the folks at www.myrevolutionarywar.com where one can find synopsis of the regiments of many of the American Revolutionary War units. Clicking the title of this page will take you to their site for the 12th Massachusetts.


Battles, Engagements, and Other Historic Involvement

V                      Siege of Boston

V                      Lake Champlain

V                      Saratoga

V                      Philadelphia

V                      Wintered at Valley Forge

V                      Monmouth Court House


Regimental History

V                      The regiment consisted of 8-10 companies between 1775 and 1781.

V                      It started, pursuant to the authorization of the Massachusetts Assembly, as Phinney’s Regiment and was part of General Heath’s Brigade in the Main Army.

V                      In 1776, the regiment was part of a reorganization that consolidated it with two other units and redesignated as the 18th Continental Regiment in Heath’s Brigade.

V                      However, 1776 would see the regiment reassigned and reorganized repeatedly with it becoming in January 1777, Samuel Brewer’s Regiment in the Northern Department.

V                      Over the next two years, it would be assigned to either the 3rd Massachusetts Brigade or to the Main Army. 

V                      By November 1778, it was reassigned to the Highland Department, reorganized, and designated the 12th Massachusetts Regiment.

V                      The Regiment was disbanded on 1 January 1781 at West Point, New York