The Fonts


It’s a perfect font – UglyQua - the one on the welcome and the buttons to the right.  It was designed by Manfred Klein and I found it on a font site for “Pirates & Fonts” but you can check out Manfred’s site for a lot of amazing historical fonts. 


Henry Morgan is the Font used as the titles on some of the pages… this great font was designed by both Manfred Klein and Paul Lloyd and was found on the same “Pirates & Fonts” site.


Finally, I have used a third font in some places – just because I could!   This was also found on the Pirates & Fonts site noted above and is called Black Sam’s Gold.  It’s a great font for titles, but not as easy to read as the main font for the text of the site. 


The color scheme is also fitting.  According to sources on uniforms of the period, the Massachusetts troops wore a blue uniform with white facing – thus the color of the website.