Please welcome Laura Kripinski ARNP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Laura has extensive experience with flight nursing. 

She trained at University of Washington and Washington State University.

Text Box: Family Medical Center provides the broad range of health care to the Forks community.  Family Practice is often called the specialty in breadth and the specialty that specializes in YOU.  It is often thought that a doctor cannot know enough to cover all the needs for such a broad practice.  But Family Practice is very successful in training its specialists in covering 90% of the every day needs of their patients.  The other 10% of patients are referred to well chosen consultants.  The Family Medical Center provides, wellness and whole person care as well as cancer screening and treatment, women's care, children's care, hospital care, long term care,  minor surgery, physicals and immunizations.
Dr. Kriebel started his practice in Forks on Washington's remote rural northwest Olympic Peninsula in 1975.  He completed medical school at the University of Pennsylvania (the Nation's first medical school) in 1972.  He completed his residency in Family Practice, a newly minted specialty at the time, at the University of Washington in 1975.  Dr. Kriebel has been a pioneer in rural practice.  He has served as the President of the Washington Rural Health Association; board member of the National Rural Health Association; board member of the Washington State Medical Association; board member of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians; and retired in 2008 after 18 years from the Executive Committee for Admissions at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  He is associate clinical professor for the School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. He has been certified and re-certified by the American Board of Family Practice (ABFP) since 1975.  The ABFP was the first specialty board to require re-certification.  An exam and office review is required every 6 years to maintain the designation. Since Dr. Kriebel (along with many others statewide) became active in rural health issues in the last 20 years, the University of Washington has been ranked first (of the 110 medical schools in the US by US News) in Primary Care, Family Practice and Rural Practice for 14 years straight.  Since he came to Forks (at the time he was the only full time physician), the medical community in Forks has grown to 6 full time physicians. During the same time, the Forks Community Hospital facilities have tripled in size.
And in 2004 Dr. Kriebel was awarded the Washington Academy of Family Physicians’
Text Box: Family Medical Center, Forks, WA

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