Please Read This Before You Download

CUE is now a shareware program. The price for a new user is $150.00 US (CA residents add $12.38 in sales tax). An upgrade from CUE 3.06 or earlier (with a valid serial number) is $75.00 US (CA residents add $6.19 in sales tax). If you have already sent in your sharware payment for CUE 3.07 or 3.08, there is no charge for CUE 3.09.

After you download CUE, you may use it free of charge for two weeks. After two weeks, you must either send in your shareware payment or delete all copies of CUE (excluding previously purchased copies) in your possession.

Please send your shareware payments to:

Eartown Movies
3569 Hollyslope Rd.
Altadena, CA 91001

and make your check payable to Eartown Movies. Making it payable to any other entity will only create accounting problems. Remember to include your serial number if you are upgrading.

You may freely give copies of CUE to other people for evaluation and possible purchase, as long as you give them the entire downloaded package, including the manual and the file “Shareware Info- Must Read!” You may not charge any fees for distributing CUE to others. The recipient is responsible for sending in his or her shareware payment.

Payment of the shareware fee entitles you only to guilt-free use of the program CUE. There will be no technical support, no customer service, no consulting, and no guarantees of future updates. However, the likelihood of future updates to the software is directly proportional to the number of shareware payments received,. CUE, and its associated files are provided “as is” and come with no warranty of any kind. You must evaluate their usefulness, reliability, etc... during the two week trial period. There will be no refunds issued once the shareware payments have been made.

CUE is available for the Macintosh ONLY. If you use any other type of computer, do not download this software. Also, CUE will only run on Macintosh computers which display in color. It is also not guaranteed to perform MIDI functions on any model of Macintosh PowerBook. To have CUE perform MIDI functions on a Macintosh G3 or G4 requires the separate purchase of a "Stealth" serial port which replaces the computer's internal modem. It is unknown at this time whether CUE will be compatible with the as yet unreleased MacOSX. There are no guarantees that any incompatibilities with MacOSX will be fixed.

Bug Reporting

If you believe that you have found a “bug” in CUE, or if you are having difficulty downloading the program, you may report it to CUE Bugs. Please describe the bug completely but briefly, and list relevant information such as the type of Macintosh you are using, the version of MacOS installed, and extensions and control panels installed that are not part of the MacOS. If you report a bug, it may or may not be fixed in a future version of CUE, and you may or may not be contacted for further details on the bug.

Now that you have read the above, please answer the following questions:

How much does CUE cost?
It's Free $1500.00 $150.00 for new users and $75.00 for upgrades

How is CUE distributed?
By a worldwide dealer network Mail Order It can be downloaded from this site as shareware or received from other users

How much can an individual charge for selling CUE?
30 percent over wholesale $40 dollars It must be given away free of charge and the recipient is responsible for sending in the shareware fee

What technical support options are available?
Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week Weekdays from 8:00 to 5:00

How Long is the Warranty?
5 years parts, 2 years labor 90 days 0 Hrs:0 Minutes:0 Seconds:0 Frames

What Will Happen If You Report A Bug?
A team of engineers will show up at your door, and work with you until it is fixed. You will be made a part of an extensive beta test program and receive a free tee-shirt It might get fixed, and you might be contacted. Or maybe not.