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This list comes from the Port Angeles Daily News issue of May 7, 1968 which was the Sequim Festival Edition. It was made from information gathered for that special edition and by the then present Pioneer Committee.
If you have an ancestor here, it would be well worth your while to read this edition, either from the microfilm at the Port Angeles Branch of the Public Library or to arrange Inter-Library Loan through your local library with the Washington State Library in Olympia. The Port Angeles Branch does not lend microfilm.
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Donnell, John              Dungeness          1850-51
Brown, J. C.               Dungeness             1851
Thornton, John             Dungeness             1851
Madison, B. J.             Whiskey Flats         1851
Gerrish, George            Dungeness             1851
McAlmond, Elijah H.        Dungeness          1852-53
Brownfield, David F.       Dungeness             1852
Abernethy, Thomas          Dungeness             1853
Cline, Elliott             Cline Spit            1853
King, William              Dungeness             1853
McInnes, Donald            Dungeness          1853-54
Bell, John                 Dungeness             1853
Blake, Henry               Lighthouse Keeper     1857
Weir, John                 Dungeness             1858
Ward, William              Dungeness             1858
Burrowes, James            Sequim                1858
Myers, Henry               Jamestown             1859
Dickinson, James R.        Dungeness             1859
Lotzgesell, George         Dungeness             1859


McDonnell, John            McDonnell Creek       1860
Irvine, Sam                Sequim                1861
Leighton, Joseph           Sequim                1861
Davis, Hezekiah            Dungeness             1960
Fleming, Matthew           Diamond Point         1960
Davis, A. U.               Dungeness             1862
Cassalery, Peter           Jamestown             1862
Evans, Thomas              Dungeness             1863
Troy, Smith                Dungeness             1863
Thompson, Chas. Wintworth  Dungeness             1865
Hanson, L. P.              Dungeness          1865-66
Henderson, Alexander       Dungeness             1867
Abernethy, Andrew          Happy Valley          1868
Knapman, Jack B.           Dungeness             1868
Pilcher,                   Dungeness             1868
Wood, Robert M.            Dungeness             1869
Brooks, Samuel             Sequim Prairie        1869


Agnew, Charles             Agnew                 1870
Sindars, Herman            Sequim                1870
Cays, Levi                 Dungeness             1871
Draper, George Albert      Dungeness             1875
Govan, John                Happy Valley          1875
Dean, Benjamin             Blyn                  1877


Dick, James Brownlee       Dungeness             1881
Knoph, Thomas              born Dungeness        1882
Church, William L.         Dungeness             1882
Grant, James W.            Dungeness             1883
Potter, Benjamin           Dungeness             1883
Clark, James               Cline Spit            1884
Clark, Alexander           Cline Spit            1884
Miskin, Geo. James Wm.     Sequim                1886
Wallace, Jim               Sequim                1886
Laurenson, Capt. James     Happy Valley          1887
Grennan, Fenton, Joseph    Sequim Prairie        1888
Cays, Wesley               Dungeness             1888
Moniz, Joseph              Blyn                  1888
Silva, Anton               Blyn                  1888
Craig, Fred and Mary       Blyn                  1889
Stone, Nathan S.           Lost Mountain         1889


Gonzalves, Manuel          Blyn                  1890
Priest, George A.          Happy Valley          1890
Davidson, William          Lost Mountain         1890
Fortman, Henry             Dungeness             1890
Wilder, William            Dungeness             1890
Miller, Chris              Dungeness             1980
Pettett, James             Happy Valley          1890
Cays, Charles              Dungeness             1890
Fernie, Samuel             Happy Valley          1890
Sofie, George              Happy Valley          1890
Jackson, Ansel             Happy Valley          1891
Smith, John W.             Point Williams        1891
Bugge, Hans J.             Washington Harbor     1891
Haller, Max                Happy Valley          1891
Green, William G           Sequim                1891
Hansen, Capt. Harry                           1890-91
Horner                     Sequim                1892
Taylor, A. N.              Dungeness             1892
Combs, Nelson B.                                 1892
Duncan, Frank              born Evans Ranch      1893
Seal, Chas, Franklin       Dungeness             1894
Emery, Aaron               Blue Mountain         1895
Balch, Gus                 Sequim                1897
Rhodefer, Samuel           Dungeness             1897
Hamilton, W. E.                                  1897
Main, W. B.                Blyn                  1898
Duncan, Dave               Haller Place          1900
Kirner, Joe                Dungeness             1900
Meyers, Amore                                    1900
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