Letter of Recommendation


Students will write a letter of recommendation for another student. This letter of recommendation will be based from another studentís resume. Students will need a resume from another student in order to complete this assignment. Another studentís resume will give the writer something to write about, and make the assignment more meaningful.


Here is an example to follow to complete this assignment:


If the student has letterhead, then use it. If not, simply start by typing Name, Address, and date at the top left side of the paper.



Mr. Pat Durr

1234 Maple Drive

Port Angeles, WA. 98362





Dear Sir or Madam,

1.Statement of purpose.

2. Who person is; how you know him/her.

3. General statement of recommendation.


It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for--------------. She has been in my 10th grade English class at Port Angeles High School for the last school year. During this year I have come to know and respect this young lady, the way she carries herself with her school work, how she relates with her peers, and how she is focused on her future.


Summarize information from the resume into three parts.


Part 1.

---------is a well-rounded student at school. She has already learned to type over twenty words a minute in Media class. In Band, she plays the flute. In every class, she strives to do well which is reflected in her earning Honor Roll status every semester she has been at Port Angeles High School. Every year, she has earned several academic awards such as, hardest worker, academic excellence, and student of the month. --------is one of the best at this school.

Summarize information from the resume into three parts.


Part 2


---------ís peers also respect her and her caring attitude. She has been selected by students to be one of our Natural Helpers, a program that gives training to those who others naturally gravitate to for help in dealing with problems. Miss ------ also is part of National Junior Honor Society since 2003. With this club, she assists in community service projects for our community. Already at her age, -----------demonstrates that she is committed to public service.

Summarize information from the resume into three parts.


Part 3


Although one of her favorite hobbies is reading, she also is quite outgoing and enjoys traveling, hiking, and camping, which she engages in almost every summer. She has traveled to several states, visiting National Parks in many areas. She also enjoys hopping on her bike and riding the trails around the house at her momís or at her dadís.


State personís career goal.

Relate how the skills mentioned above tie in with the career goal.

Call for action.

Beyond these things, --------is quietly focused on her future. She has indicated that she would like to go to college and become a lawyer. She uses every opportunity offered to her to increase her scholastic skills. She quietly listens to her friends and offers insightful help. -------works very hard at her studies. She knows how to handle difficulties and set goals for her future. She is one of the best students that has passed through Port Angeles High School. She deserves any consideration or opportunity that can be offered to her.


Complimentary close





Mr. Pat Durr

Port Angeles High School

English Department