The Last Leaf worksheet


  1. What is the double meaning in the title?
  2. In what two ways, for what two persons, was this a last leaf?
  3. What had been Johnsy’s big ambition?
  4. How does O. Henry use this information about Johnsy’s big ambition to let the reader know that she will be O.K?
  5. Can a person’s mind affect his or her physical health?
  6. Give one example of O, Henry’s sly humor from the story.
  7. Describe Mr. Behrman.
  8. Should Sudie have told Johnsy the reason for Mr. Behrman’s death?
  9. In many of O. Henry’s stories, an ordinary person performs a heroic act.  How is this true in “The Last Leaf”?
  10. What clues did O. Henry give in the story to predict the ending?