1. Huck was living with the Widow Douglas because -

A. she was taking care of his money
B. she wanted to civilize him
C. he wanted to belong to a family
D. he was jealous of Tom Sawyer

2. The hair-ball oracle incident shows us that -

A. Huck is not superstitious
B. Jim is not superstitious
C. both of them are superstitious
D. Jim is superstitious, but Huck isn't

3. When Pap first comes back, he is -

A. angry about Huck's new life
B. proud of Huck's recent change
C. sad about what he's done to Huck
D. hoping to turn over a new leaf

4. Huck escapes from his father by -

A. wearing a disguise
B. getting help from Judge Thatcher
C. burning down his father's house
D. pretending he has been murdered

5. When Jim admits running away, Huck's first reaction is -

A. shock
B. amusement
C. puzzlement
D. disinterest

6. When Huck tried to pass himself off as a girl he failed all but which of these tests?

A.      threading a needle

B.      walking in high heels

C.      throwing a heavy object

D.      catching something in his lap

7. Huck thinks the Grangerfords are -

A. a fine, cultured family
B. a family with no taste
C. dishonest in business
D. enemies of religion



8. After shooting Boggs, Colonel Sherburn -

A. stands up to the lynch mob
B. leaves town
C. forms a posse to fight the mob
D. apologizes to the dead man's daughter

9. In talking to Jim about kings, Huck says that kings -

A. aren't very interesting
B. are admirable men
C. cause trouble everywhere they go
D. are usually unhappy

10. The king and the duke learn about the Wilks family from -

A. the local newspapers
B. a riverboat captain
C. a friendly preacher
D. a young man who's leaving town

11.. Huck hides a stolen bag of gold in a -

A. graveyard
B. coffin
C. cellar
D. barn

12. Of all the people in the Wilks family, Huck is most attracted to -

A. Joanna
B. Peter
C. Susan
D. Mary Jane

13. The king sells Jim to -

A. Silas Phelps
B. Doctor Robinson
C. Harvey Wilks
D. Levi Bell

14. What finally happens to the king and duke?

A.      They steal over $6,000.

B.      They get tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail

C.      They continue to stay with Huck and Jim

D.      They travel back to Europe



15. When Huck sees what finally happens to the king and the duke, he -

A. feels sorry for them
B. laughs at them
C. speaks up against them
D. defends them publicly

16. Tom agrees to help Jim because -

A. he knows Jim is really free anyway
B. he has learned to hate slavery
C. he enjoys breaking the law
D. he wants Huck to get arrested

17. When Tom thinks about how easy it will be to rescue Jim, he -

A. tells Huck to stop worrying
B. invents difficulties
C. gets suspicious
D. loses interest in the plan

18. After his escape, Jim is recaptured because -

A. he loses his way in the woods
B. he comes back to rescue Huck
C. he refuses to leave while Tom is sick
D. the sheriff recognizes him as a runaway

19. The following are satirized by Twain in Huckleberry Finn except:

A. the Grangerfords

B. the foolish side of human nature

C. the superstitions of Huck and Jim

D. the abolitionist movement


20. Where did Huck h?

A. on the raft under the tent

B. in the parlor under the sofa

C. in the coffin

D. in the grandfather clock


21. Judge Thatcher is:

A. Huckís friend who dreams

B. Miss Watsonís fiancť

C. Man who invests Huckís money

D. drunkard who is shot


22. The widow Douglas

A. won custody of Huck instead of Pap

B. taught Huck religion

C. sent Huck to school

D. all of the above

E. B and C only



23. Huck assumes Tomís identity because:

A. He admires Tom so much.

B. Mrs. Phelps mistakes him for Tom, so he plays along.

C. He wants to be able to think like Tom.

D. He needs to inherit Tomís money.


24. Tom shows up and pretends he is:

A. Huck

B. Jim

C. Mr. Grangerford

D. Sid


25. Tom and Huck are similar to the Duke and King in that:

A. They all pretend to be someone other than themselves.

B. They all tell lies and fool people.

C. They all have strange adventures on the river.

D. all of the above.


26. Twain ends his novel with:

A. Huck heading up the Ohio with Jim

B. Jim heading up the Ohio without Huck

C. Tom and Huck going home with Aunt Polly

D. Huck marrying Mary Jane

E. Huck heading out for the Territory because Aunt Sally wants to adopt him


27. Huck Finn

A. was the man who shoots Boggs

B. was the murderer on a sinking ship

C. read the Count of Monte Cristo

D. was the narrator of this story.


28. Why is it important that Huck says, ďAll right then, Iíll go to hellĒ?

A. He has finally turned his back on religion which has so often helped him.

B. He has chosen to do right and help Jim, rather than following social or religious rules of slavery.

C. His friendship with Jim is more important than trying to get to heaven.

D. A and B

E. B and C


29. What are the main differences between Huck and Tom?

A. Tom is a dreamer; Huck is practical.

B. Huck is neat; Tom is sloppy.

C. Huck is irresponsible; Tom is dependable.

D. none of the above.


30. In the end it is revealed that

A. Jim was set free when the Widow Douglas died

B. Pap had been murdered in the house floating on the river

C. Both A and B

D. none of the above