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Rainbow Rainy Day Playhouse Rainbow
    Welcome to the Rainy Day Playhouse, where children of all ages are invited to get out of the rain and have some fun. We hope you enjoy the games and activities.

    Star Post Office - Create a digital postcard, pick up one someone has sent to you, or color a picture and email it to someone.
    Star Arcade Games - Play a variety of fun and exciting games, including favorites Warp, Iceblox, and Don's Dugout.
    Star Puzzles, Strategy & Word Games - Have fun with Tic Tac Toe, Concentration, Word Search, and different puzzles.
    Star Cartoons - Daily and weekly cartoons.

    If there are some other things you'd like to see here, please email us.
    Note: Java-Enabled Browser Required for All Activities. If you don't see a frog below, then your browser doesn't support Java.

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