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Northwest Bell Ensemble

The Northwest Bell Ensemble was a non-denominational Christian handbell ensemble that performed in the greater Seattle area from 1985 to 1998 under the direction of Ron Ebbers. They had over 200 years of bell playing experience and produced two recordings: A Musical Tapestry and Northwest Echoes. They performed on a five octave set of Whitechapel handbells that they found was the best set of handbells for the fast-paced pieces that they played.

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[Cover - Tape #2]

A Musical Tapestry

Our second recording, A Musical Tapestry, was made in 1995. After the first recording had sold out for the first time, we decided to make the second recording on both tape and CD. So we found a recording studio in an upstairs room of a private residence in Bothell, WA and spent three days with a perfectionist sound engineer. The results is one of the best recordings of bells I have ever heard.

Track List:

  1. Overture to "Carmen" -- George Bizet, arr. Martha Lynn Thompson
  2. Blessed Assurance -- Phoebe P. Knapp/J.S. Bach, arr. Cynthia Dobrinski
  3. Allegro Giocoso from "The Water Music" -- George Frederic Handel, arr. Kevin McChesney
  4. Clair de Lune -- Claude Debussy, arr. Dick Averre
  5. Northern Lights -- Margaret R. Tucker (Shelley Moine, flute)
  6. Hornpipe -- Karen Buckwalter
  7. Canon in D -- Johann Pachelbel, trans. William H. Griffin
  8. Siciliene -- Gabriel Faure', trans. Philip M. Young
  9. Running Out Of Time -- Paul Schneider
  10. Gigue Fugue -- J.S. Bach
  11. Prayer -- Hal Hopson (Shelley Moine, flute)
  12. Incalzando -- Donald Allured
  13. Danse de Corinne -- Paul Schneider
  14. In The Garden -- arr. Cynthia Dobrinski
  15. Go Down Moses -- Traditional Spiritual, arr. Hart Morris
    Total Playing Time 68:07

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[ Cover - Tape #1]

Northwest Echoes

Our first recording, Northwest Echoes, was made in 1990. After we had been together for five years, many people hearing us expressed an interest in purchasing a tape of our bell music. So, we traveled 50 miles south to Olympia, WA and spent two days in a church turned recording studio to make this tape. Only 300 copies were ordered and it has sold out.

Track List:

  1. Antiphonal Fanfare on "Praise to the Lord" -- Jeffery Honore
  2. Fanfare -- Jacque Lemmens/Thompson
  3. Bandelier -- Tammy W. Rawlinson
  4. Fugue in G Minor -- J.S. Bach
  5. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus -- Theodore Beck
  6. Rustic Dance -- Margaret Tucker
  7. Go Down Moses -- Arr. Hart Morris
  8. Cameron's Theme -- Paul Schneider
  9. Northwest Echoes -- Paul Schneider
  10. Sheep May Safely Graze -- J.S. Bach
  11. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers -- Leon Jessel/B. MacDonald
  12. In The Garden -- arr. Dobrinski
  13. Carol of the Bells -- Ukrainian folk song
  14. Sussex Carol -- Phillip Young
  15. Dance of the Reed Flutes -- Tchaikovski/arr. Griffin
  16. Dance of the Surgar Plum Fairy -- Tchaikovski/arr. Freeman
  17. Trepak -- Tchaikovski/arr. Wagner
    Total Playing Time ??:??

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To contact them, write to:

Northwest Bell Ensemble
c/o Paul Schaper
238 Robbins Road
Sequim, WA 98382-7894

Or call Ron Ebbers, Director at 206-248-1815

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