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RV and Tent nightly or weekly rates - come spend a night or two!  Weekly rates based on 6 days with the 7th day free!  Pets are welcome and are charged at the rate of $6.00 per day per pet.  Holiday weekends and summer weekends subject to minimum stay requirements.

Family rates available for Father and/or Mother and all unmarried children living at home and under 21 years of age.  Children aged 2 and under are free.

Day Visiting - come picnic and enjoy the beach for the day - surfers and kayakers welcome!  Day passes are also available; half the cost of regular day-visit prices, they offer a great excuse to come to  the beach!  See our Promotions page for more details.

RV and Tent Rates for 2 people*

  RV** Tent Additional People/Pets
per night $42 $37 $6 each
weekly $252 $222 $36 each

Family Rates*

  RV** Tent
per night $60 $55
weekly $360 $330

Day Visit

Day use $6 per person/per pet
Seasonal pass $60 20 uses

Holiday Weekends considered for minimum-night stays:

Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of July) and Labor Day

Reservations taken online, in-person or by telephone

Minimum stay is 3 nights on holiday weekends; between June 1st and August 31st, minimum stay is 2 nights on weekends.

*Plus applicable taxes.

**RV sites with 50 amp hookup are $5.00 extra per night