Other Details

Close up of Grill/Brushguard

I wanted to protect my driving lights from the destructive elements of the trails (and roads) around here, so the only safe place was behind the Brush/Grillguard. I didn' want to destroy my grill in the process, so I looked into grill alternatives. They were few, and they were expensive. The cheapest option, was a new grill from Leon Rosser Jeep, (about $25.00) So rather than buy a new grill, just to cut it up, I cut my old grill instead. I carefully removed one of the large grill bars (and the smaller two to each side of it) from each side of the grill. This created two openings for the big lights to sit in. If I ever want to put it back to stock, I'll order the new grill then!

The guard is manufactured by "True Radius Bending" in Santa Barbara Ca., and is the most compact guard I have found. It attaches to the frame and the bumper and is made from all thick wall tubing, ...it is very stout. It is contoured to the front end so it rides very close to the grill, and does not protrude beyond the width of the front end, making it nice for the very narrow squeezes around here. I fabricated the grillguard insert for added protection for the radiator and lights. It is easily removable for cleaning the lights (or Heaven forbid... accessing the water pump).

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I installed in place the Bosch lights shown here

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