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The purpose of this website is to serve primarily as a short overview of a few of the mathematicians that have had an impact upon the world we live in. It is not meant to be an all inclusive list, nor even a comprehensive one. The availability of the web as a resource provides more detail on most of these individuals than could be contained in this general document. 

Additional information on each of the mathematicians can be found by either using some of the links noted in the references section of this site or by searching using the name of the mathematician.

Students who are referred to this website can get a short flavor of the mathematician, their area of specialty, their country of origin and some of the difficulties they faced in their pursuit of excellence. Once an individual has been chosen that may be of interest to the student, additional research will be required to prepare the student to have a more comprehensive view of the individual, the social context and area of specialty.

Other resources in the web site include one of many alternative counting systems, two alternative algorithms and a references section that can be used to locate other math related sites.