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Surviving May: Even USPS Gets The Blues

Post-May-Day depression is a growing malady that affects all workers each year, usually beginning late in the afternoon on May 1 and continuing until the morning of the next May Day. This May 1 USPS workers were given new choices to spruce up their physical and mental abilities.As of May all MEDIA MAIL deliveries will be delivered by foot. Sadly my Olympic Peninsula is 100 miles from the nearest Pony hub center. Federal Way, near Seattle. 

Sellers, prepare yourself for the nasty looks and negative listings when books arrive outside the 100 day eBay limit. Sarcastic remarks about out of shape USPS walkers are not going to change the new Sequester causes for layoffs amongst employees. It is not a black or white issue, the Post office needs to save money and retiring the vehicles makes a lot of sense. 

Arguing about saving media mail delivery times might just get you upset. Save those feelings for other things and just think about those surprised employees now trudging towards Seattle delivering your mail by foot. I am sure that as the months progress and they become more fit and that the 10 miles per day will improve. Promotions for the fittest will be bicycles and delivery times will triple in time.

Write your comments to legislators. With enough complaints we may actually increase the pony express numbers of hubs and animals needed to move these precious commodities. 

Remember that Sequester cuts have already caused layoffs among hens that lay Easter eggs; union-wage issues. Union wages must continue even if the Easter eggs have to become a bit less deliverable, crushed and sometimes jokey. 

This administration has indeed promised to create thousands more of economically neutral jobs. USPS is the first public sector to meet those new downsized jobs. Law enforcement officials may well be learning how to peddle the bike as well.

I for one will promise to ship my books in hemp fiber and never in conservative newspapers ever again.

GOD BLESS all those postal workers for their strong legged thighs.