Sempervivum - Jovibarba - Hen & Chicks


The picture of this one reflects most, however this chocolate color is a bit unique. Most are in the red-purple hue and a few are green to sort of gold.

Sempervivum and Jovibarba are closely related. Both grow naturally in the mountains of Europe and Eurasia. Jovibarba is a genetic newcomer from the Sempervivum family and are plants from the Crassulaceae family, producing rosettes of fleshy leaves which shape reminds the shape of an artichoke, placed side by side. Flowers appear in summer and unlike sempervivum are usually yellow.
They are very resilient to drought, requiring almost no care when cultivated and enjoy enjoy all types of soil well drained, even dry and poor.
The negative being that Heuffeli jovibarba are more delicate to multiply and one needs to divide the plant by dissecting the foot..The lovely year-round colors that do not fade, if anything intensify in the winter.. The ensuing seed production more than makes up for the lack of "chick" produced stolens. By dissecting, one must cut these with a knife to propagate, then use protective fungicide to protect the cutting. Let the divisions callous in a warm dry area.
Left alone these produce beautiful large clumps.
Please remember that it needs good drainage, and needs a dry summer period. Pollinating insects just love them!

Plants are 4.00 ea. And I have over a dozen different forms. If you buy more, I will make sure that they are of different kinds.

I have even more Sempervivum and they are less. 2.50 ea.  The following is a picture of S. Silverine.