A Requiem for a Hummingbird

So tiny

This precious fragment of our Universe.

So innocent
And eager to savor Life.

But forgiving of any obstacle
That might perchance
block its way.

'Twas perhaps its first visit
To an early bloom --
And that was its fate.

The brambles of an untended vine
Caught its fragile wings
Still shimmering in gossamer green
And poised as though
I n glorious flight.

'Twas now enmeshed
In insect webs,
Spent thorns and brambles.

Stilled forever in its earthly ventures --
May the Great Spirit
Who notes every sparrow
In its fall
Be merciful to this tiny

And welcome it to
His joyful kingdom.

By Lee Thoma Ostlund (c) 1993  and dedicate to Jan of Port Angeles
who needed something  beautiful.