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The Beginning of
Tiananmen Square 
June 4 not July 4th!

Please ask for our size 10 xtra large condom
package when ordering our fireworks.

We sold Native Americans Firewater – now they sell us Fireworks. Both KILL!
There's a dangerous but basic equation behind the recent killer AZ wildfire and other future blazes raging across the West this summer: More heat, more drought, more fuel and more people living in dangerous fire zones. You say, that is AZ and you are right, but Sequim is a desert and equally prone to winds. We are equally prone to putting new homes and obstacles in the path of future firefighting problems.
Fireworks bought on reservations are exempt from regulatory agency's including Tobacco and Fire Arms and or local agencies. I suggest that these Rez sold fireworks need to be lighted off on their own lands, say next to their local casino. In Sequim, landowners are restricted from burning after July 1. Yet my neighbors are free to shoot their fireworks onto my property. Church and community groups continue to sell fireworks not realizing the liability they are incurring, much less their own moral bankruptcy.
Citizens have protested for years the affects on their livestock, pets and bird life. Some can be tranquilized, that is true, but after a certain period of time some of these can injure the pet itself. Most birds cannot be tranquilized and after watching one bomb after another going off over our local raptor center I can only wonder about the inhumanity of my neighbors.
Governments need to rethink the way they deal with issues like this. Perhaps non-disclosure of complaints would be a beginning place as I know one P.A. Couple who has been singled out for vandalism and threats for their reports By comparison N.Y. created an anti fireworks crusade and it took off. Their issue was stopping Pennsylvania imports. Everett, Olympia and other WA cities have opted to end this stupidity. Perhaps P.A. and Sequim desire to remain known as Appalachia N.W.
Fireworks are dangerous, “You could lose an eye, a hand, or something worse.
My personal pick for the Darwin award medal of honor for fireworks.  The Human Bottle Rocket!

July 4th is about independence and freedom loving … somehow I doubt that buying fireworks made from human right abusive China works to that end. As for their making money off selling pyrotechnics to Americans and creating ever more grass or property fires they insure that fireworks keep hospitals busy every year. What ticks me off are the innocent or injured bystanders and the creatures who have no voice. So please stop buying those fireworks from the Rez or from China. The 'hotshots' who lost their lives in AZ may have been victims of nature, but what IF they had been victims of a tossed cigarette of fireworks. Same said for all our own firefighters here in Clallam County.

Even experts mess up! Simi Valley CA. pryotchics fireworks show injures 39.  (link does not work -- do a search on the story)

  • It is illegal to possess or discharge firecrackers, bottle rockets and skyrockets.
  • These illegal explosive devices cause 90% of all fireworks related fires in the state of Washington.
  • Illegal explosive devices are often wrongly referred to as fireworks.
Here is a sample of just some types of fireworks deemed illegal in Marysville and elsewhere in Washington State:

Firecrackers Bottle rockets Cherry bombs M-80s and M-100s Rockets Salutes Tennis ball bombs
KOMO TV did a recent report (weather station) ATF going after illegal fireworks.  It was a joke. The commentaries were not friendly. One of the saner ones was this:
"The only reason I have slowed down in my older years is because I realized that I was literally burning money. Its the same way here in San Antonio too.  There is a 1300 dollar fine for anyone caught with any sort of firework within City limits.  The city sends out all the public information messages in the mail, paper, news, and radio that SA has a zero tolerance for fireworks of any kind.  Well guess what? It was like a war zone here, same as it is up north.  I still have a home and property in Snohomish county near the Tulalips and you are correct every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes out of the woodworks to buy from Boom City."

ATF is a joke and perhaps the question remains why Homeland Security does not prevent the import of these "illegal fireworks" into the country to begin with. They are explosives and any way I read it they are terrorism's against neighbors and other living creatures.  Too much money from lobbyists?  Indian lobbyists. Ya, I think you get it.  My own feeling is that under these guidelines they "might" be entitled to sell all they want on their tribal lands - IF they have launch facilities on the same. Soon their lands and these stands will be gone due to their own greed. Instead they sell them to the neighbors surrounding them with disclaimers that those things bought cannot be used where illegal - Guess what! NEAR EVERYWHERE! Nice trick.

(c) Herb Senft 2013
Fireworks  commentary on Wunder Blog.
You will have to join. NOT facebook or anything like that and I do expect strong objections to what I posted. That said, all of us need better dialog to meet the challenges ahead.  I so hope that link continues to work.
Fireworks are an issue here in WA and we just had an historic barn burn down for unknown causes. With temperatures  and weather becoming dryer here this is a concern.
BTW fireworks also involve toxic chemicals that affect ones health and the health of our streams and water supply.  Check the link below about cheap thrills. The Perchlorate propellants alone should concern everyone as they contaminate ground and surface waters and contribute to thyroid problems in both humans & animals. Throw in the loss of fledgling birds including endangered hawks and eagles just maturing, I think this is weather/environment related.. EPA, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife should be concerned.

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