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Rarely will I put up a political comment, but I am beginning to fear that this country may not even make it to 2016 without another crash.

This president who offered so many "promises" has broken most and was recently lectured by the Germans and Japanese about our NSA snooping and the gathering of information on all citizens. "Proportionality" was mentioned. Homeland Security does not begin with the taking away of civil rights and as Ron Paul mentioned (and laughed at) - that fences, referring to the fencing barrier between America and Mexico is as much to keep people IN as it is to keep people OUT!

We are now arming Jordan and threatening Syria. We give aid to Al-Qaeda like rebels who once having dealt with Assad will deal with us. As Putin "said the U.S., in deciding to arm Syrian rebels, is in danger of repeating the mistake it made in Afghanistan in the 1980s when it backed religious extremists who later formed the Al-Qaeda terrorist network."

Perhaps it is time to seriously consider handing the political reigns to women. After Dick Chaney, Rumsfeld and a President  of "change and promise" who would put a Monsanto executive as this administrations Food Czar.  Explained below.   One of the four horsemen of the coming food apocalypse.

What few know about Monsanto is that it recently purchased Xe Intelligence Services. Xe is the new name for Blackwater, the largest private mercenary military outfit in the world. The same mercenaries we hired to control Iraq until their excesses became too blatant. I near forgot Bill Gates just invested 23-24 million into Monsanto. Somehow that didn't make the news although his paltry investment in chicken free eggs did.

Apocalypse can come in many different forms and Americans are being totally assimilated. George Orwell and his book 1984 is being re-visited and is viewed as prophetic. I have recently viewed Soylent Green the movie with Charlton Heston. Where so many science fiction visions of the era are dated, this gritty creation of a depressed (and depressing) future recycling the junk of the past, and where friendly assisted suicide (especially of the elderly) has become a supported social option, looks all the more real. There is real meat to this movie!  I also had the strange inclination to watch "The Earth Stood Still."  Male that I am, Patricia Neil was well remembered, yet a friend mentioned that her MOM said that Michael Rennie (Klateu) could always put his shoes under her bed.  Was Jeff Goldblum the 1988 equivalent? "Earth Girls Are Easy."Think not. Then again, I might just be jealous of both their looks.

 Back to the subject of Monsanto and and its partners in Agricultural borkdom. Syngenta and Bayer are equal players and once the natural  balance of Nature is worn out we are doomed. Monsanto and its imperium of associated companies have well over a thousand patents, many on seeds. Calgene has applied for nearly 500 patents, Asgrow claims about 265 US patents and DeKalb lists about 300.  Europe has been resistant to this with the help of "No Patents on Life!" Germany especially.  That said, Monsanto has applied for more than 100 patents of seeds in Europe and two dozen have recently been granted.

The real issue is this: Why have we surrendered control over something so basic to human survival as seeds? Why have we bought into the biotech industry’s program, which pushes  mono culture commodity crops, dependant on fertilizer and chemicals, when history and science have proven that seed biodiversity is essential for growing crops capable of surviving severe climate conditions, such as global changes, drought and floods?

Monsanto profits handsomely from selling its patented seeds. But the real profits are in selling farmers its proprietary pesticides, such as Roundup. Farmers can spray huge amounts of Roundup on Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soybeans, killing everything except the soybean plants. It’s a win-win for Monsanto. And it’s sold as a win to farmers, who have been told that by following the Monsanto method, they’ll increase their yields and make more money. Monsanto even claims that its GE crops are the answer to world hunger. So what if the butterflies and bees die!

Monsanto may be Public Enemy Number One  to the organic farmer and to those of use who wish to use every diminishing seed resources of unaltered native wheats, soybeans or other. You see, those Ag. resources for natural seeds have near but disappeared.  In Greece alone  and around the world crop diversity took a rapid downturn in the past 50 years with as many as  90% of food crop varieties lost from the field. So when the bugs are gone (butterflies and bees) we can thank these Überborgs for our demise.

Then again, think positive -- with the bees gone, there will be a lot of employment opportunities for all the lazy American welfare recipients. Send them back into the fruit orchards with a paintbrush to pollinate ... same for the tomato and vegetable fields.
By the way, this is what your grocery store shelves will look like without bees.

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live." 
                                                                                                                          --Albert Einstein

As a former beekeeper I loved this link about bees.

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