Autumn Waters

                        by HawkFlying 

In the autumn the land is blessed with beauty that paints a beautiful sight for all to see
The rivers and lakes are pools to reflect the leaves that glint in their depths for you and me

Looking down onto the waters are all the colors of the rainbow in their beauty below
Fanning softly in the breeze they shine with magnificence on the water as the wind moves them so slow

The ripples of the water move these colors and soften them as the sun glints on the water so bright
As one of the leaves falls down and slowly drifts to blend its beauty into this picture to make it a beautiful sight

The swaying of the colors in the tree are reflected in the waters and you get a double chance to enjoy this sight
Hoping that this perfect day will last and that the sun will shine bright so that it will last and knowing that soon comes the night

You sit and watch the colors of the leaves and smile softly as you enjoy the cool of this day
Listening to the wind as it moves through all this beauty dancing the autumn leaves from the trees like a play

The bright yellows as they fill a tree bring to mind thoughts of wonder to you
The brilliant reds as they shine like a fire in the forest but you are safe with nothing to do

Just to sit and watch orange leaves remind you of pumpkins on the harvest moon
Purples like the finest wine grapes show you their beauty that will be gone too soon

The waters carry their soft blanket of leaves down their streams mingling all the colors as they go
Filling the eddies and backwaters with colors as they slowly change colors and fall into the water below

Cascading over the waterfalls to fill the basin far below like a basket full of color
You know you have seen Mother Nature in all her beauty like it has been seen like no other

For this moment you stand and watch the colors in the trees and then look at their reflections below
Knowing you have been given a double picture of wonder of the colors of autumn that you will take with you as you go

Promising yourself to return to this wonderful land when the colors fill the world with beauty again
You know that you have been blessed with this beauty of this and if you are truly lucky sharing it you hold your love's hand

Both of you leaning together to watch the splendor of the moment you know you will return time and time again
Because you have found the true meaning of what beauty can be with someone who can truly understand

by HawkFlying  ©