Pictures and plants

Picture is of me making every effort to eliminate weeds before proceeding as I would never use chemicals in this garden.

View of the Silver White garden - Plant list to follow.
View of the Black garden - Plant list to follow.
View of the Yellow garden - Plant list to follow.
View of the Yellow garden to my former house. - Plant list to follow
A view of a more mature garden and two of my daughters. Sadly, one of them no longer speaks to me. That is life and perhaps is a reflection of my own dismissal of my parents. With good cause I might add!

I made peace with one of them - my father of whom I dreamed when he died in Germany while I lived in this very special and spiritual home. The day later he returned in a dream to say goodbye and it was a strangely wonderful and powerful ending.

My father had been paralyzed by a stroke and confined to a wheelchair for the ending of his life. He appeared as a naked turtle that swam out of his shell. I had never seen a naked turtle before. The day later he swam back from the Sea world type aquarium and came back as a dolphin. This time he came to me and my three daughters and gave each a kiss before he left again.
This time for good.

I need to add to this story, my father nor mother expected me. I was" her change of life" but not the one she wanted. It was very abusive and my father had much to pay for. As a very physical hyped up 16 yr. old I had enough. The last attempted beating was the last. I was like a wolverine and despite his larger size layed him out. I left home and lived on my own. No invites were given to my
Bachelorite speech, prom or graduation were sent. Even my High School counselor said I had to learn to forgive. Decades later I have - at least for him.

I lived and worked near Boston doing a 15 credit Independent studies for U.C.S.C in psychology when I heard him call me "Hilf mich". Help me! Like the rest home in Germany I immediately called to find out more. My mother told me that he had suffered an enormous heart attack. i flew home that morning and would then try to take care of them. So went my college degree. The German visions were the same. I immediately called after the dream and found out that just at the same time he had died peacefully eating lunch.

Hard to understand!  After taking care of my mother for months with Liver cancer I had no such message of her passing. Go figure.

"Treat each parting as a rebirth," "Let go of that which is past and seek new roads. Perhaps never to forget your lost friends, but to place them in your memory warmly and build again with new friends those things that so pleased you."

(c) Herb Senft 2013