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Few gardens or lives are linear. In my own Medicine Wheel Garden, based upon the astrological wheel, I came to realize that sometimes-strange patterns emerge when we just take the time to make note of them. In relationships as in gardens, the first attractions may be based entirely upon physical (or fire to fire) attractions; but long-term compatibility and sustainability throughout the seasons must depend equally upon the emotional or spiritual connective ness of all involved.

Gardens constructed later in one’s life are more successful for having passed through more phases in the circle's turning -- more self-knowledge and perhaps less surprise at sudden changes in one's character. I hope so; it is an optimistic picture. Are relationships of positioning's, Fire-to-Fire, or Water to Fire based upon birth charts? Astrology presents a rather inescapable linear road -- one I am uncomfortable with, but respectful of.

In my own garden, I asked all my closest friends to bring a rock that had spoken to their spirits and let them place it on their birth positioning. This places them in association with not only myself but with other kindred spirits. Perhaps this is all wrong -- maybe I should let them place where they think they are in the present. This would be much more difficult though. I know, because I am in three different places at this moment in time. Even for those who pass through all of the circles evolving stages and finally come to the passaging into the inner, final garden, rare is it that the soul is completely evolved and harmonious. 

Most bitter to me is the desperate holding onto of people ready and needing to go. Respirators and life support technologies keep the fragile shell tied to a garden when the spirit and soul wish to leave. I have never feared death, but I do fear this.

We have birth practitioners who assist our dance into life. Why not the same caring embrace for when we pass on. Thanatology? Do any of you have good answers? I do know of two women who would be well suited to be such sisters of 'Charon.' I also see myself coming to the same place where these two women are today. 

A friend of mine has already written her own eulogy. It was so beautifully done that I told her she could write mine as well. I missed the point entirely; for unlike most of us, she took the time to reflect most accurately as to the person she is and what someday might be said of her. She gave it to me and if the occasion comes, I will be very proud to read it. She also added a humorus and fictitious epitaph which I enjoyed

My own Medicine Wheel positioning, as is hers, is firmly rooted in the dark garden. Some misunderstand this ‘darkness,’ but aptly describes as "the look within garden." This placement is comfortable with darkness and the introspection of the night. It is a color of learning, not negativity. So perhaps my long-standing affair with the veil that night brings with her garden of stars, is easily explained.

Be it the Sioux Prayer Garden or Chippewa there is much talk of complementary clans. For an Elk, it is supposedly a Deer -- surprisingly similar to Western Astrology. Of the twenty friends in my garden, only one is in this position...

I return to my original feelings, that awareness of one’s present positioning in this circle is the important thing -- as is the ability to progress evenly or compatibly with another. I know of many couples where one has progressed and the other has not. Some of these now mismatched people stay together for societal or monetary reasons. Certainly, this is spiritually self-limiting. The circle suggests that progressions do not have to be linear and that for some of these people later multiple jumps or even passages completely across the circle may be possible.

I am sure we have all known young ones whose minds are far down this circle and some who are aged who have returned to spring. Perhaps in the search for compatibility with another we need to be examining more strongly that of our own -- and simply accepting the challenge and difficulty of keeping in step with any other person.

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... Moreover, find hope in the chance meeting of the rarest of souls who keep
 the spark of their youth through all the seasons and assist those coming to their end..

As we, all continue to evolve.

And since I just did a light piece on Pithy sayings: I would lie to end with this observation.
Life's journey is not to  arrive at the grave safely  in a well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...holy sh*t ... what a ride!"

Remembering: You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.

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