Well, I am a gardener by birth and avocation; a gardener both in the literal sense and in the figurative sense of “seed-sower.” I come from a long line of green thumbed individuals who, like me, spent more time caressing a blossom, talking to the plants, gazing in amazement and wonder than finding out the botanical name! There is a place for both, however I will admit to that! One of my treasures is a home movie taken of me with my paternal grandmother... I was about2 years old (maybe younger)... and she could see and touch and smell the blossoms. Somehow, when I watch that silent film, from this distance and in this place which life and age have now placed me, I see my own spirit developing. A spiritual inheritance, a strong “green' line” was flowing from her to me. It flowed from her to my father, and even though my father and I had battles royal, I feel his “green” in me, a direct line. (This is not to leave out my maternal grandmother … Welsh, strict, proper, tough … a lady … who grew dahlias the size of dinner plants and roses fit for a queen … or the dining room table. She could also ring the neck of a chicken in preparation for a proper Sunday dinner!)