Clallam Bay Corrections Center

Something Special - needed here
This Inmate is still waiting to hear "Love me Tender,"
as the bird loves to sing - the above.  

Name: Oscar the Parrot

Age: 20-30 years old

Species/Sex: Psittacoidea
/ Male

Arrest Date 4/29/2013
- Border Patrol

Charge: Migrating without
proper feathers

Still Awaiting Bail

His council countered with charges against the former owners that they had plucked and sold his plumage but the judge threw it out after a few outrages squawks in the courtroom. Oscar’s fowl language did not work in his favor. Oscar hopes to find a new family that can knit him some woollies. If you know of such folk, especially if they live in a warmer climate do let me know. Same for story lines. Hit the link before.
Comments sent to me.

Oscar may not be the best representative of bird intelligence
but the following u-tube links may surprise you!

It's hard to believe this kind of beauty still exists anywhere. Watch and enjoy.
Be sure to click on the icon to expand the videos to full screen.

The New Zealand "bad Parrot "The Kea"Simply a surprise bird story.and one more!

EDIT: What this attorney had neglected to mention was that Oscar was depressed and had either picked himself  bare (Insanity plea) or had beak and feather disease and that his  owners  could not afford to drive the hundreds of miles to find a bird vet. True enough, here in Clallam Co. Instead they fed him him tranquilizers to keep him from squawking for help. Once the tranquilizers wore off, he was one pissed off bird. No wonder he was found crossing the border lines to Jefferson County -
heading East to Seattle for medical care.
I feel that way myself all the time!

Recently our neighboring Port Townsend Police Chief said that his officers also use Language Line Services, and that several Parrot-speaking Port Townsend residents volunteer as interpreters. My P.A. friend Jan is one of them. That still does not overcome local opinion that such  Illegal immigrants collectively represent a group that is a significant menace to the public. 80% have committed serious crimes  (as noted with the New Zealand KEA parrots.) The Border patrol  now outnumbers local law enforcement and has just stepped up cross county border checks.  Oscar simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As Ron Paul once explained regarding the Mexico fence. They are built as much to keep Americans in as they are to keep foreigners out. Wake up AMERICA!  I would follow the parrot to the next link, but there are four more pages to follow. Oscar Story lines.

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