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Beads Offered
Cabbing Rough Offered
Cabochons Offered
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Rock specimens
Slabs offered

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                        FOR SALE AND WANTS
Beads Wanted
Cabbing Rough Wanted
Cabochons Wanted
Equipment needed
Fossils Wanted
Jewelry wanted
Metals wanted
Rock Specimens
 Slabs Wanted
I happen to need a large barrel for tumbling.

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e bay auctions
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Rock collection offered
Rock collections wanted
I really need to get rid of
a 1940.s wood electric stove
Trade for firewood.

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This definitely is a work in process, but I always thought our club should have a link to wants and a selling forum. Being a non-profit that is a problem. So I hope you will use this resource offered and get back to here. I will slowly work up pages to assist in this but you will have to limit it to a brief description and price, or price sealing. Please include a placement date and email address for your item. Picture links will have to be hosted off site and that location indicated. I will delete all adds after a 90 day period..

I would stress caution and suggest money orders or cleared checks before shipping anything. Should you be cheated it is on your own head. Ask questions to assess the transaction. Posting a good eBay report card is meaningless as is their rating system. If you can use a charge card to make your transaction, they do not apply to foreign transactions. For that matter I refuse to ship anything except to Canada. Enjoy. Someday I will create a classified entry form, but in the meantime just contact me.

A good example of a post might include a heading, body of text, Name, homepage site

 Posted 2/23/2013
 Giant Snowflake Obsidian -- it is highlighted. by its linkage.
A brief description of the item and a desired price. 20.00 now reduced to 17.00.
Herb Senft (email contact)  homepage Sweet Geodes

 I posted this, to show you how a bad picture can wreck your sales. The obsidian picture  is not centered and the ruler is upside down. So it goes.  What did frustrate me was how I could not get it to show up. Then I realized that obsidian.jpg was incorrect.  I had uploaded obsidian.JPG. Please note that  for ease of usage, web files should be short and in lower case. Not as Giant Snowflake Obsidian. Also, different browsers do not work equally. Firefox simply returns one to former sites already visited. IE does a much better job when you hit  refresh.

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