After completing a story about Oscar an incarcerated and tortured parrot that explored the inhumanity of man to this wild creature, I came up with a surprise and gentle ending.
Some cosmic quirk had given all creatures an increased intelligence and they fought back. God had withdrawn his permission of man's domain over the earth and its creatures.

That said one has only to look at the picture on the right to wonder.
Too many churches are too involved in pomp and ceremony and
simply do not hold up to Christ's message

To that end I have come up with a few tests to see if you pass as a Christian.

1. A family member asks you to pass the bread basket at the dinner table and you feel compelled by guilt to put a percentage of your income in it.

2. You don’t mind doing something wrong to a stranger because all you have to do is ask forgiveness and all is better.

3 You think to yourself that maybe if I dipped that Hindu family in hot oil they would accept Christ into their lives.

4. You think that ANY TYPE of Christian music is really enjoyable to listen to.

5. You think the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” does not apply to heathens or people of different religions.

6. You think that anything out of the normal is the work of the Devil, yet Jesus coming back from the dead is just fine with you.

7 The definition of the word faith means “Undeniably true and any who question me deserve to die.”

8. You think anything that Jessie Jackson says makes any sense at all.

9 You don’t even realize that Christmas, Valentines day, and Easter all fall on much older Pagan Holidays.

10 You think that ALL other religions, including other Christian religions are completely wrong and that your church is the only
 correct place to worship in the world..

11 You think its ok to pass judgment on everyone else cuz, "you're not the one going to hell."

12 You never question why the preacher on TV asking you for money, is wearing a $3000 suit and $5000 worth of jewelry.

(I hope you understand that much of this applies to most religions, and we now have Buddhists killing Muslims -

I do think our time has run out as a species.) I would add that as work manuals both the Bible and the Koran suffer greatly and are rife full of interpretations and too many inconsistences to make sense. as a friend added. 

13. When viewing Star Trek she found  Christianity as parallel to the "BORG"  -  (Resistance is futile you will be assimilated (or killed).  Christians against each other throughout history and Muslim against  each other continuing to this day ... and all the time against each other. What an unnatural and  colossal waste.

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