These are a few of our favorite nursing tips that have helped us through the years. We have a combined 50 years experience in Nursing.

Added Jan. 11, 1997

When flushing central lines, flush vigorously before clamping under pressure. This helps the line to stay patent. A weak flush does not push enough of the blood away from the lumen holes. Always be sure you have placed enough heparin solution in to fill the entire lumen. Most all central lines now have the volume of each lumen printed on them. If you cannot aspirate from a central line, place the patient in different positions or have them raise one or both arms.

Added Dec. 11, 1996

For good IV starts, always hot pack your patient's arm. Be sure the extremity is hanging below the heart. Make sure you are comfortable, consider pulling up a chair and sitting down. Assess all possible areas for the IV before sticking. Half the work of getting an IV in is in selecting the best location.

Added Dec. 11, 1996

Always tab the end of the tape roll to make it easier to find. This is especially helpful when you are wearing gloves.

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